Matching a New Steel Building to Existing Structures

Adding a stand-alone building to your property allows you to gain usable square footage, and a boosted property value with added curb appeal – and customizing your steel building to match existing structures on your property is easier than you may think! Future Buildings custom steel building kits can suit a variety of aesthetics and blend to perfectly match your home or other structure. Read on to learn about 3 basic components to coordinating a matching steel building:

Building Style

Unlike “out of the box” building kits, with Future Buildings you have several different building styles to choose from, and finding a shape for your steel building kit to compliment your home or existing structure may be a key consideration in your overall steel building design.

No matter which building style you choose, safety and quality are paramount – your custom steel building kit will be designed and engineered to meet the specific wind, snow and seismic loads for the exact location your building kit will be installed.

  • Future Buildings A ModelThis 32’ A-Model steel building matches the customer’s home perfectly and shows off an additional feature with its custom door.
  • Future Buildings X ModelThis customer’s X-Model building offers slightly more interior space than our popular A-model, with its sloped walls and peaked roof, beautifully matched to their home.


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Windows & Doors

Adding optional windows and doors to your steel building’s design can be a great way to combine functional components and seamlessly integrate your steel building on your property with style.

Just like our buildings themselves, Future Buildings offers easy-installation steel man doors and sliding doors, also covered under our 40-year rust perforation warranty.

  • Future Buildings Steel GarageThe roll-up door and exterior finish help make this customer’s A-Model building a match made in heaven paired with their home!
  • Future Buildings Small Steel GarageMatching white doors, grey siding and black trim really make this customer’s S-Model steel garage and home shine.


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The endwalls of your building are undoubtedly one of the best (and easiest) ways to pair your steel building kit with your home. Our pre-painted steel endwalls and trims come in 4 different colours (in addition to a plain steel option) and are made from the same industrial-grade Galvalume PlusTM steel as your building’s arches, adding a “residential touch” with durable silicone modified polyester paint.

If you want to take your customizations to the next level, you can alternatively consider adding a custom finish to your endwall. From wood finishes to brick facades, your creativity knows virtually no limit to what you can do to customize your steel building’s exterior (and interior too)!

  • Future Buildings Garage KitThis customer’s 37’ A-Model steel building is uniquely matched to the customizations of the home on their property.
  • Future Buildings InstallationA few more steps and this customer’s work-in-progress A-Model with custom facing is almost complete!


Get the building you need AND want – our expert Building Specialists are licensed in jurisdictions across North America, and our friendly customer support team are here to help you throughout your project. Connect with us today at 1-800-668-5111.

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