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“We are Celebrating Over Thirty-Five Years of Hundreds of Thousands of Buildings Everywhere in the World“

About Future Buildings - MarcelWe never stop looking back at what has made us a good, strong, successful company. A company that continues to stand up to competition as the right choice – the better choice.

Understanding what has been the foundation of how we started almost 40 years ago and following the simple standards that got us from there to here….that will always be the key for us to “keep building for the future”.

Our arch panel building is one of the simplest design and construction formats that not only promises strength and security but the economy of space, time and money. Just like our buildings our philosophy at Future Buildings has always been simple – understand each customer’s need, solve it and deliver it – on-time and on-budget. That’s it.

That was how I approached this business back in the early 80’s when as a very small company we were first producing Quonset buildings for farmers, loggers, fishermen, miners and truck drivers across Canada. I first had to learn their way of life and their individual needs and provide the right structure for them at an affordable price. That basic formula is still the core principle of our business today earning us the reputation of one of the leading manufacturers of steel buildings in North America. I have a soft spot in my heart for the early days and our first customers because it was them that set the highest benchmark for every customer that came after.

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Here I am all these years later, with a company that has grown to include the foremost engineering, production and customer service professionals in the industry. We also now have expanded out products to include traditional straight wall buildings so that we can provide even more customers with what they need and want. Our manufacturing facilities, our head office and our office in the US work together every day to get our customers the best building at the best price. And we are proud to say we have happy Future Buildings steel building owners in almost every walk of life and every trade and industry across North America and internationally. I thank all of them for helping us become experts in our field. Each one of them began as an individual who needed us to help them solve a problem with space.

So I say – bring on the next 40 years!
You can be assured that we will be here helping people all over the world “building for their future”.

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Director – Future Buildings