Capability Statement

Our Expertise

Our steel buildings are improving homes and businesses every day– from tank storage for the military – to storage facilities for salt mines – to maintenance buildings for commuter trains – to roofing systems for walkway shelters – Future Buildings is everywhere.

  • Canadian owned and operated with over 35 years experience in the design, engineering and manufacturing of prefabricated arch style steel buildings.
  • Experts in providing steel building solutions for residential and commercial applications across North America and world wide.

Our Teams

As an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of pre-engineered, clear span, arch steel building systems for almost three decades, Future Buildings is proud to employ the foremost engineering, production, project specialists and customer service professionals in the industry.

  • The Director and the Senior Executives have several decades of experience in the steel building industry and are the foundation for Future Buildings continued success, innovation and global expansion.
  • Our Engineers include a Senior Engineer (PhD in Civil Engineering licensed in over 60 jurisdictions across North America); a supporting team of in-house engineers with extensive backgrounds in structural design and highly skilled CAD operators as well.
  • The Building Specialists and Customer Service personnel are industry professionals who have in many cases been with Future Buildings close to two decades and are experts on steel buildings and delivering  them on-time and on-budget.

Our Steel

Future Buildings steel buildings are made from the best steel available in the world today.

  • All our steel is purchased directly from ArcelorMittal Dofasco to ensure consistency of quality grade steel and optimal pricing.
  • ArcelorMittal Dofasco is the largest steel manufacturer in the world and is one of only two mills in the Americas that produces Galvalume Plus steel to the thickness and specifications that Future Buildings requires making us one of their largest customers.
  • All steel between 22 and 14 gauge is AZM 180 Galvalume Plus structural grade (A792-06).
  • Galvalume Plus steel is treated with a zinc coating alloy making it highly corrosion resistant and therefore within normal climate conditions we offer a 50 Year Rust Perforation Warranty.
  • A minimal use of lubricating oils makes the steel brighter, less slippery or susceptible to marking.
  • Production lines permit panel corrugation depths of 3.5”, 7.5” as well as 9.75”.
  • Future Buildings’ “one size fits all” fasteners are minimum Grade 2 (ASTM A307) in strength and JS1000 coated (salt spray tested for 1000 hours).
  • If requested, fasteners can be upgraded up to Grade 8.2 and DT1500 or stainless steel coated.

Our Factory

As an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of pre-engineered, clear span, arch steel building systems for almost three decades, Future Buildings is proud to employ the foremost engineering, production and customer service professionals in the industry.

  • Over 45,000 sq. ft. of production and warehousing space.
  • Able to produce 120 + clear span steel buildings in a regular business week.
  • Utilizes one of the most complete and accurate computer modeling systems to design arch-type cold-formed buildings systems.
  • All production machinery has been custom designed for  Future Buildings application only.
  • Production lines are fully automated to produce precision components quickly and consistently in accordance with design tolerances for the building systems.

Our Standards, Codes and Certifications

Future Buildings prides itself on the confidence that can only come from a diligent adherence to industry standards of excellence and quality assurance.

  • Designated an Ontario Corporation.
  • Future Buildings steel arches are designed based on the load requirements set out in the International Building Code, National Building Code of Canada, Eurocode and/or comparable codes.
  • Designs are in accordance with CAN/CSA 136-12 or AISI S100-12, NASPEC, North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members and with ANSI/ASCE 7-15.
  • Manufacturer is certified under CSA A660-10 (Certification of Manufacturers of Steel Building Systems) for design, materials, production and quality control, audited annually by an independent and approved engineering firm to ensure strict compliance (CSA A660-10 #FUTUR0). Certificates of compliance issued with each project in Canada.
  • Arch panels approved under FL#15623R2 to withstand hurricane force winds in Florida, including specific approval in High Velocity Hurricane Zones.
  • Certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau under CSAW 47.1.
  • Galvalume Plus steel to current ASTM A792 requirements and fasteners to ASTM A307 requirements.

Our Notable Projects

Along with thousands of steel building solutions for every trade and sector, Future Buildings has designed and produced many of the more complicated and challenging projects ever accomplished in our industry.

Our Contact Information

Head Office is located at:
1405 Denison Street
Markham, Ontario
L3R 5V2Toll Free Phone – 1-800-668-5111
Fax Number – 1-905-477-3661
Production Facility is located at:
73 (and 77) Ward Road
Brampton, Ontario
L6S 6A8Toll Free Phone – 1-800-387-2343
Fax Number – 1-905-790-8499