Steel Garage Kits

Our Do-It-Yourself steel garage kits are ideal for any homeowner who’s looking for space and protection for their valuables. As a manufacturer of steel garages, we customize each of our products to match the required size from 10 to 40+ feet wide. We are also able to provide metal garage kits and factory direct pricing for our products to help save you money.


The Advantages of Using Metal or Steel for Your Garage Building

When you construct a steel garage building, you don’t need to worry about interior columns as the structure is self-supporting. This allows you to fully customize the interior of your building and provides unobstructed space to park large vehicles or store bulky equipment.

You will appreciate the low maintenance requirements and longevity of a metal garage or workshop. Metal is naturally resistant to flames, rot, mold, pests, and termites, which is a significant advantage compared to wood or other conventional building materials. Additionally, we design each building kit to meet the wind, snow, and seismic loads for your area, ensuring it will last. Each metal garage kit offered by Future Buildings also includes a 40-year rust perforation warranty.

Our Steel Garage Kits

  • 24x34x12 X Model_1080x1080
  • X Model Steel Building
  • garages-gallery-image-6
  • 16x11x28 Model A_1080x1080
  • 2 x models
  • garages-gallery-image-11
  • garages-gallery-image-16
  • garages-gallery-image-19
  • Custom-A-20×26
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  • garages-gallery-image-10
  • garages-gallery-image-12
  • garages-gallery-image-13
  • garages-gallery-image-14
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  • garages-gallery-image-38
  • garages-gallery-image-39
  • garages-gallery-image-40
  • garages-gallery-image-41
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  • garages-gallery-image-45
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  • garages-gallery-image-48
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I am thrilled with the end results and the building is everything I hoped it would be and more. The quality is superior and went together very fast with zero problems. Thank you very much for making the best building on the market!

Bob M.

Farmington, NH

Steel Garage Kit Features

Each of our steel and metal building kits come with engineer certified plans and are covered by a 40-year rust perforation warranty, ensuring they will protect your belongings for years to come. They offer a variety of standard features and also many different ways to personalize and improve the functionality of your building. This includes windows, doors, skylights, venting, insulation and more. To help customize your building further and allow it to match other structures on your property, there are various colour choices for endwalls.

Is It Easy to Build A Metal Garage Kit?

Building your steel structure does not require you to have significant construction experience or advanced assembly skills. Our metal building kits are both high-quality and simple to erect, making them perfect for those of any skill level. No matter the scale of your structure, our easy to assemble kits are suitable for everyone.

Commercial Uses for Our Metal Garages and Steel Buildings

  • Safe storage for tractors and farm equipment
  • Welding and vehicle repair shops
  • Heavy construction equipment repairs and sales
  • Vehicle dealerships, including cars, boats, and motorcycles
  • Tire and vehicle accessory stores
  • Car, truck, boat, and RV storage facilities

Future Buildings was absolutely amazing. Knowledgeable, friendly and gave great service. The delivery and set up went smoothly as well. We are very happy!

Chantelle V.

AB, Canada

Choosing the Right Metal & Steel Garage Kit

In order to determine which metal building kit is best suited to you, it’s best to choose the one that is going to be able to grow and adapt to your changing needs. For instance, you may only need a single car garage now, but may find yourself needing a bigger space for additional cars or a workshop in the future. Choosing a steel garage kit will allow you to expand the length and modify the interior as required.

When looking to build your garage, be sure to keep the following things in mind:

  • Ensure the site you plan to build on is level
  • Be sure that vehicles can access the building easily
  • Have a power source close to the build site
  • Be sure you have the correct sized foundation and any permits necessary
  • Follow any rules in your community relating to building colour and size.

Why Choosing a Certified Building Matters

When looking for a company to buy your steel building kit from, be sure to select one that provides certified drawings. This will help you make sure that the kit complies with the specific local codes and laws. When the building is certified, it also means that the blueprints have been signed off on by an engineer to ensure quality, durability, and compliance for the exact location that it will be erected.

steel garage kits
metal garage kits

Frequently Asked Questions About Steel Garage Kits

If you’re planning on adding a garage to your property and you’re curious about our steel garage kits, the following are a few general questions that you might have:

How to Determine the Right Garage Size?

Our steel garage kits are customizable and prefabricated, which means they can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Secondly, due to the column-free interior, you can make use of the entire space your garage provides. With that in mind, the right garage size for you depends on your needs. For general storage purposes, 20×24 should be fine. If you need enough space to store two cars, 24×32 would be a better option.

Can a Garage Kit Increase My Property’s Value?

Yes, it can. Adding a prefab metal garage to your property adds functional space, which any buyer will appreciate. Studies have shown that adding a standard-sized garage can increase your home’s value by around 13 percent.

Are Metal Garages as Good as Wood?

If anything, they’re better. Metal is cheaper than wood, and it’s much more durable. Not only is it less vulnerable to the elements than wood, but it’s also more resistant to things like fire, infestations, rot, and mold. Not to mention that metal garages are more difficult to break into than wood garages, whether by thieves or hostile animals. This helps ensure your belongings are safe.

Is it Cheaper to Buy a Prefabricated Metal Garage or to Build One?

Building a garage tends to be more expensive, no matter how big it is. This is because more work has to be done on-site to construct the garage when you’re building it from scratch. If it’s prefabricated, the time it takes to set up the garage will be greatly reduced, making it less expensive. The reduced maintenance required will also help you lower your long-term costs.

Do You Need Foundations for a Garage?

A strong foundation is the base for any steel building. However, the requirements of the foundation will vary based on the circumstances of each project.

Contact Future Buildings for Your Steel Garage Kit

Building your garage with a kit from Future Buildings is an excellent investment in the protection of your vehicles and workshop items. While offering safety, they also have the ability to grow in the future should your needs change at any time. For more information about any of the steel building options or metal building kit available for sale, get in touch with us by filling out our online form to request a quote or call us directly at 1-800-668-5111 to speak to an expert from your region.

Garage FeaturesFuture BuildingsTraditional Building
Factory Direct PricingYesNo
Easy DIY ConstructionYesNo
Certified for Your AreaYesNo
Guaranteed StructureYesNo
50 Year Rust Perforation WarrantyYesNo