Steel Building Types Offered by Future Buildings

At Future Buildings we offer a variety of buildings that can be used in many applications and across dozens of industries. Whether it is for your business or your home there is incredible versatility with these types of steel buildings. Prefabricated buildings are one of the simplest design formats for assembly. Working together with our Building Specialists on all the options and accessories means that the structure you build will be exactly suited to your comforts and needs.

agricultural steel barns

Choosing to build your barn with steel is a very practical choice. Highly customizable, durable and reliable, you can count on a steel barn from Future Buildings to protect your crops, livestock and the investments you have made in your equipment. Our unique clear span design provides ample interior space than traditional post and beam structures and the Galvalume Plus coating along with the 40-year warranty against rust perforation provides enormous security and peace of mind.

steel carport

A steel carport is a perfect solution if your property doesn’t have a garage where you can store your vehicles or in cases where space is limited. A carport protects your car and other vehicles from snow, rain, hail and UV damage helping extend their lifetime. Sheltering your vehicle with a carport saves you time too from having to clear your vehicle of snow or other debris before you hit the road.

Commercial Steel Buildings

Steel buildings provide one of the strongest and most reliable solutions for your business. We will design and engineer your building for the precise requirements of how you are going to be using it. A commercial steel building is easy to customize with a vast selection of options and accessories including insulation, skylights and ventilation for interior comfort. Collaborating with your Building Consultant ensures that your commercial building project is delivered to you on-time – on-budget and meeting all of your needs.

Container Covers

Many people choose to create valuable and clever space using their shipping containers (also called connex boxes or sea cans) and adding our steel Container Covers. We also supply the mounting plates for our covers and by adding as many arched panels as you need you have instant cover and shelter. You can do even more to enclose and customize the space by adding back or front endwalls and insulating the interior. A very practical space solution for so many businesses!

steel garage

A steel garage is ideal for both personal and commercial usage. We will work with you to design the right garage solution for you whether it is to park one vehicle or more. Our clear span design means you will be able to choose a size that will not only have space to park but will also accommodate additional workshop or storage areas you may want to add. A steel garage is also resistant against fire, rot, mold and pests all of which is helpful to the keeping the vehicles in their best condition.

Metal Roofing Systems

If you have an open area or valuable equipment that needs to be protected, we can provide a solid and practical solution. We can design compact Roofing Systems to cover smaller areas or equipment as well as wider and longer structures to shelter much larger machinery or space requiring coverage. These roofing designs are perfect for covering walkways, platforms and parking lots and are also an excellent option for any roofing need you may have anywhere else in your business or home.

Metal Storage Buildings

Metal storage buildings are the safest and most secure answer to protecting whatever you consider valuable. Whether it is to store personal items in a backyard, machinery or crops on your farm or the equipment or products needed for your business – a Future Buildings storage building can be designed to meet the simplest needs right through to the most complex. Our design team is also very skilled at working on “Combo” building solutions if you wanted to have storage in one area of your building and the space and accessories to work in another area for example.

workshops building

One of the most popular uses of our steel buildings is for workshops, repair shops and hobby shops. Without columns or trusses there is optimal interior space for actual working space, tools, storage, hoists or anything else your shop needs. The fire-resistance of steel allows you to confidently work with welding equipment and other heat-generating tools with much less risk to the structure than traditional materials like wood. Many of our customers have created some especially award-worthy workshops and personal man-caves over the years that we are sure have provided them with incredible satisfaction.