Metal Workshop Buildings

Our do-it-yourself steel workshops are perfect for any home or business owner needing space to work and security.


As the manufacturer we can customize a workshop from 10′ to 100′ wide and offer factory direct pricing to save you money.

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All buildings come with engineer certified plans and are also covered by a 40 year rust perforation warranty.

Our Quality & Durability

Each of the workshops we design is created with high-quality steel and feature a Galvalume Plus™ coating. This helps to protect your structure from rust and signs of wear. It also allows your building to withstand various weather conditions, exposure to UV light, and the regular activities that go on inside of a metal workshop. Choosing to build with metal over other traditional materials also provides you with added fire resistance, letting you safely work with tools for welding inside of your shop. They are also pest and mold resistant.

metal workshop building
steel workshop building

Our steel buildings are specifically designed for your location, ensuring they meet the snow and seismic load requirements in your area. This can give you peace of mind knowing your structure is durable and reliable.

Customization Options

Future Buildings has the right building to perfectly suit your needs. Our range of accessories includes:

  • Building insulation – If you choose to insulate your workshop, it will come with a pin and cap insulation kit. This kit will be pre-cut to your building’s dimensions. Future Buildings does not carry or provide any other insulation types.
  • Turbine vents – If you plan on using items in your workshop that generate fumes such as paint, or running vehicles or equipment that create exhaust fumes, ventilation is important. Our ventilation options allow you to have a cycle of fresh air flowing into your shop.
  • Man doors – These heavy-duty doors are available in overhead, sliding, and standard service door styles. They provide access to the workshop.
  • Foundation options – The foundation options available include both permanent and portable styles. A portable foundation allows you to easily move the structure to a new location in the future should the need arise.

We also offer additional accessories such as skylights and sliding doors that can be designed into your building if required.

Metal Workshop Building Maintenance

When compared to materials like wood or brick, a steel workshop is much more durable. It has minimal maintenance requirements and is resistant to many of the things that can damage traditional structures. Additionally, steel is recyclable. When a steel building is no longer needed, it’s pieces can be recycled without losing any structural integrity, allowing them to be used in future projects.

Order Your Metal Workshop Buildings from Future Buildings

If you would like further information about designing a metal workshop Buildings, or to quote a project you have in mind, please contact us. We can provide you with information about the requirements for your area and make recommendations based on your needs.

I first found Future Buildings on a Google ad. Right up my alley of what my wife and I had been looking for. We always wanted to build a shop for our family. We chose the 40×80 model. We are glad we chose Future Buildings.

Timothy A.

Athol, Idaho

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Build A Metal Workshop?

We often receive inquiries about how much our steel buildings cost. Since they can be used for so many applications and located throughout North America and around the world, it isn’t possible to create a one-size-fits-all structure. Because we can’t mass produce our buildings, we can’t price them that way either.

Each metal building that we sell is manufactured to suit the client and priced accordingly. Some factors that contribute to the final cost include:

  • Design and Accessories. This includes any accessories you need, windows and doors, insulation, and any special design modifications.
  • Load Requirements. Each area has unique wind, snow, and seismic load requirements. Your building is designed to meet the regulations where it will be built.
  • Scale. The size of your building affects the total cost.
  • Application. Depending on what your building will be used for, it will have specific requirements.
  • Location. Where the building will be delivered.

What Makes A Prefabricated Building the Best Choice for A Workshop?

Prefabricated metal buildings are durable, diverse, and easy to construct. They are customized to suit your needs, available in several styles, and can be used for a variety of activities. Since steel is fire resistant, you are able to safely use tools that produce sparks or flames without worry. You can use your workshop for anything from welding, metalwork and grinding, home forging, and many other hobbies or professions.

How Do I Select A Metal Workshop?

The best way to determine which metal workshop kit is right for you is to follow these steps:

  • Budget. Set a spending limit and stay within it. Be sure to include accessories, land preparation and foundation requirements, permits, and more in your estimation, so you do not come up short.
  • Sizing and style. Determine the size you need. It often helps to select a slightly larger building than required to allow room to expand in the future. From here, look at the available building styles and select the one that best suits your needs. Each style has size limitations, so be sure to choose one that can accommodate the scale of your workshop.
  • Speak with a Building Consultant. Contact a representative and discuss your needs. They will listen to your ideas and make recommendations to help you select the right structure and accessories.
  • Obtain permits. Many areas require permits before you can build a new structure. Contact your municipality to learn what they allow in terms of size, design, location, and application. They may want to review blueprints or structural information during the approval process, so have your metal building supplier provide certified plans. Be sure to inquire about the cost of a permit, how many you may need, and how long you can expect to wait to receive them.
  • Purchase your workshop. Complete your order and wait for your new workshop to be shipped to your location.
  • Prep the area and assemble. Ensure the location you are placing the workshop is flat and clear of debris. Set up your foundation, allowing time for it to set. Now you can start building!

The engineers at Future Buildings are here to design a customized workshop that meets your needs. Our true pricing model will ensure that you get exactly the structure you need at the best possible cost.

Workshop FeaturesFuture BuildingsTraditional Building
Factory Direct PricingYesNo
Easy DIY ConstructionYesNo
Certified for Your AreaYesNo
Guaranteed StructureYesNo
40 Year Rust Perforation WarrantyYesNo