Reviews & Testimonials

The Importance of Happy Customers and Their Testimonials

We are committed to providing product and service excellence and therefore we rely on feedback and reviews from our Future Buildings customers to ensure that we are always exceeding their expectations. There are a lot of moving pieces and departments involved with a steel building project and therefore we have many checkpoints and safeguards in place to make sure that we are designing, engineering, manufacturing and delivering a customer’s steel building with every point of accuracy covered. If there is an issue or concern our customer may have we also have every measure in place to ensure that we are able to identify and resolve the problem quickly and effectively. We have thousands of customers every year here in North America and across the globe and it is paramount to us that they are happy with their new steel building and that they share their testimonials, photos and videos with us so we can keep expanding our Future Buildings’ family. We understand and appreciate that there is nothing that means more to new customers than the happiness of the ones before them.

It is our pleasure to share some of the building experiences and other comments we have received from our many Future Buildings steel building owners over the years.

Read What Our Clients Have to Say

“My only regret was I did not take pictures! I am very happy with the services from you! I got what I paid for. Upon delivery, we did not make it easy on Steve, the truck driver to deliver our building. He did a fantastic job getting where we could get the building unloaded easily! I will look forward to doing business with you again and will refer people to you!!”

Lois M.

Belleville, Illinois

“We would like to say that it was awesome dealing with Kyle at Future Buildings. He is so knowledgeable and helpful that it was a pleasure dealing with him. I would highly recommend Future! Videos coming soon!”

Jeff A.

Alberta, Canada


“Jason Ruby did a great job and we absolutely love our new building! X model 28×36 and spray foamed. Can’t say enough good things about it and the company. Thank you!”

Ward and Kim B.

Coldwater, ON


“We had purchased 3 roofing structures (large Gazebos) and they have worked out fantastic. These 20ft by 40ft gazebos gave our little league players place for shelter, from the sun or rain and a place to enjoy the concession food and snacks after the games. They look great and were easy to install. Working with Ari Schreiber was a real pleasure as he was knowledgeable, attentive and helpful. Pricing was very good .Thanks Future Buildings.”

Frank C.

Staten Island, NY


“Hello Tim, just to let you know our exterior class project is now finished and looks absolutely fabulous! I am now looking for a few more for our school, and the idea is to have these in all our schools in CSSCV. Here is a picture of the finished project. A BIG thank you for your help throughout this project”

Ecole Aux Quatre-Vents, CSSCV

Gatineau, QC


“Love this building! We are both over 60 and if we can do it, anybody can. Gonna get another one just maybe a little smaller. Thank you all!”

Rose and Norm T.

Foxboro, Wisconsin

“James Ford was our sales rep and was great to work with. He was very informative and responsive. The office communicated well regarding delivery and the delivery driver was great as well.  All around was a pleasurable experience.”

Matt W.

Tucson, Arizona

“Serge was absolutely amazing to deal with. He was able to answer all my questions on the spot. He is very knowledgeable in the product he sells and you can hear in his voice the pride and confidence he has in the company. It is not easy to make a large purchase but Serge made the process as comfortable as possible. I cant wait to receive and build my project! I will update my review with pictures of my building. Would recommend!!”

Andrew B.

Luskville, QC

“Very good experience all around. The sales person Joe, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The follow-up after the sale is exceptional, and very welcome for a purchase like this that has many dependencies. Joe answered all my questions thoroughly, walked me through the process and ensured that I had all the facts as we moved forward to delivery. John the delivery driver and his support team were the best I have ever dealt with. John arrived at the meeting point on time with excellent communication. They even delivered during a snowstorm on a mountain pass at over 9,000 feet. Despite these difficulties John the driver was ON-TIME and was very helpful. Future Buildings has been exceptional in every aspect of this sale and I am extremely satisfied with the whole process.”

Richard L.

Henderson, Nevada

“The shop has been a life saver to this point. Can’t say enough how pleased I am with the overall structure itself. Certainly was a great decision. When I do complete the shop, I will submit pictures at that time, hopefully sooner than later. Further note, it was an absolute pleasure dealing with Jason Ruby. Very responsive & courteous. Many thanks.”


Meaford, ON

“I own a Future garage and added a custom green front and an octagon window. No maintenance. Best investment ever!”

Perry P.

Churchill Falls, ON

“I have now built 3 of these buildings and they are excellent. Customers are always happy with the product. As a General Contractor, I feel the specialist techs were very easy to talk to, always available for the smallest questions and the structures are very affordable in comparison to wood framing. Keep up the great work guys.”

Michael T.

General Contractor
ON, Canada

“I find what I have is awesome. The price was very good too, I got more than I even imagined. It’s the best of best, Thank you”

Brad K.

Neyaashiinmiing, ON

“I was helped through the whole process of purchasing my building. Great communication during the whole delivery part too.”

Garald S.

Payson, Arizona

“Great and helpful service. Prompt delivery and support. This is my second Future Steel building. Very happy with the quality!”

Dimitri S.

Sechelt, BC

“We purchased a building and everything went very smooth from the start to the finish. Plus it really is a great building”

Jesse F.

West Lorne, ON

“Have had no difficulties in getting updated information . Emails and calls were always promptly answered . Received my building materials as scheduled this morning , March 11 , 2021 .”

Keith W.

North West River, NL

“Interaction with all staff from sales to dispatch was excellent. Also found that the delivery was timely and the driver very courteous and helpful. Very smooth running operation overall. I am glad we went with them.”

Rudy D.

Edwards, ON

“This is my third building i have bought. The staff is great!! From the building sales department to the delivery driver they gave me great service. I would recommend to anybody that needs a building to give them a call.”

Rockie S.

Prescott Valley, Arizona

“We won’t be able to put our building up until May, after the snow melts. But boy are we are impressed with how it came packaged. The staff at Future Buiildings are the best I have ever dealt with. They are not only courteous and helpful but they do a lot of follow up. They really do want to ensure their customers are happy. I would strongly recommend Future Buildings to anyone.”

Sandra B.

Ituna, SK

“They helped me with everything I needed and they went out of their way to make sure I was happy . I still can’t believe the price they gave me . Also when it was delivered the driver was so nice. Thanks so much I will be getting more to add on to what I all ready have .”

John C.

Saucier, Mississippi

“Everything went exactly as promised. Order, Price and Delivery and Building.”

Brian L.

Buda, Texas


“I ordered my Building in late 2011 because of Future Building’s end of year clearance sale. I asked them to not deliver it till spring as I couldn’t get it near the shop area what with the snow we had. Once the snow cleared and I had the land for it cleared it became obvious that the building that I had purchased was not going to fit as we had hit some massive and really hard rock ridges that the excavator and hammer could not remove and the site was too close to the house for blasting. I contacted my sales rep, Nick , and explained the problem. He said not to worry he would figure something out and got me a smaller building with similar cost savings as the clearance one I had originally purchased, Thanks again Nick! The building went up great with very few problems, Future Building has really thought these things through, and I have enjoyed it for 8 years now. We had more than double the rated snow/ice load last winter and due to my inability to clear the snow and ice off it my building took a little damage, some cracks in the peak panels. Once I found them I contacted Nick ( who has risen quite a bit in the company since I last dealt with him) and he immediately set about helping me contact the relevant people in his organization to get the assistance I needed to fix the damage. They have been very fair in helping me to get it fixed ASAP( can’t till next spring because of site conditions) and Nick himself has gone out of his way personally to help me find documentation I had lost to help out the insurance company with my claim. I can’t say enough good about Nick and the Future Building team, they went above and beyond when I first got the building from them and again now that I am having some problems with it, none of them caused by the building itself I might add, just an unusually massive snow and ice load. If I was to ever build another steel building Future Building would be the one and only company I would even think of dealing with, period. They’re the best!”


Kelowna, BC

“The whole process was very good. Sales was very responsive and prompt and the building was delivered by date promised and contained all pieces. Delivery service kept us well informed and was on time as well. Great Experience!”

Angela K Yeager

Victor, Colorado

“Customer service and sales persons were Awesome! Delivery was on time and everything came as ordered. I have not assembled the building yet but I have read through the instructions and see this will not be a problem. This is an incredible building and will outlive me. It is going to be a work area for our business but will also double as a storm shelter if needed… Thanks!!”

Stephen Burrill

Corsicana, Texas

“The Assocate I worked with at Future Buildings was very helpful with all asspects of design, assembly, shipping and purchasing my Future Building. The delivery driver was outstanding, hands down one of the best drivers I have delt with. The product was delivered in perfect condition from the factory to my Building foundation. Thank you.”

Brett Johnson

Lake Bluff, Illinois

“Did a good job. The building came earlier than promised. The truck driver was good about calling and letting me know when he would be there. He was able to drive right up to where I wanted to unload. It was a very good experience all around. I have purchased 1 other pre engineered building and this was way better than the last one.”

Steve Wells

“Excellent service, knowledgeable and proactive representatives and a quality product. Was very flexible to sort out options for us to purchase this building. Very satisfied.”

John Scott

Cottonwood, Arizona

“Easy to use website. Friendly fast service. My new building was delivered to me faster than I thought possible! They took the time to answer my questions and help me the whole way. Even when I had a question after delivery…Great Company!”

Qusten Merrill

Iona, Idaho

“The whole staff at Future Buildings that I had occasion to work with were very conscientious in following up on the inevitable details in the design, ordering, shipping and delivery of the building. I am very satisfied with Future Buildings as a company.”

John Finch

Seligman, Arizona

“The folks at future buildings are very professional, helpful and easy to work with. Will definitely be a return customer if the need of another building arises in my future. Timely delivery as promised and quality product. I would recommend them to anyone who asks.”

Ron Fullerton

Klemme, Iowa

“I’m so excited, and thankful we found such a wonderful building AND wonderful people to work with! We will be sending a LOT of people your way over the next few years. Michael has been such a treasure for both of us, he is absolutely wonderful to work with, and is one of the main reasons we went with your company, versus two other companies who sell here in the States. I’m so thankful to see that customer service is valued equally as much as ethics, professionalism, integrity, and character!

I’m so thankful and excited to be moving forward on our new home, land, and building our future for generations yet to come!!

Take care and thank you again.”



“Wow, it’s beautiful.
It was a pleasure to watch my garage go up.
Also thank you for sticking to your original quote. I don’t seem to get that very often these days.
Thanks so much Future!”

Hans K.

Markham, Ontario, CANADA


“Future Buildings helped me get my man cave garage, finally! Their shipping department worked with me to figure out the best time to deliver my building which was perfect because I had some help from my son and his friend to unload it. The driver found us no problem and I couldn’t believe how compact and efficiently it was packed together. Great job, Future Buildings!”


Swift Current, Saskatchewan, CANADA


“I am so impressed with your service!! I have been contacted time and time again to make sure I get my building and no stone seems to be left unturned. I will be the best advertising for your product, but more importantly, the service you offer your clients. To repeat, I am totally impressed with your concern for your clients.”


St. John’s, Newfoundland, CANADA


“The construction of our 18×20 car port went very well. Three of us took just about a day to install the roof structure and the instruction book was very clear and helpful. As promised on the delivery manifesto, we have a healthy amount of nuts and bolts to spare. As you know, the one glitch in all of this was that we received one incorrect component, which fortunately was just a trim piece and not something structural. Shortly after I contacted you, I was phoned by the factory, and we had the correct piece delivered today by courier (took just 3 working days with a weekend in between). All in all, this has been a very good experience, and the car port looks good and feels very strong. I have every confidence that it will take whatever the winter will throw at us. Thank you very much for all of your help, expertise and professional and prompt after-sales service. It is a pleasure to know that a Canadian company is behind this product.”


London, Ontario, CANADA


“…I was impressed how easy this steel garage kit went together. We put it up with four friends in a 3-day weekend with winter weather and $60.00 in coffee! The insulation was fairly straight forward and went in quickly. The door was a bit of a problem but a few phone calls to Future Buildings and it went in well. I had lots of questions about my metal garage and every time I called I received excellent advice. I would recommend this garage to anyone and will definitely get another steel garage from Future Buildings when I need to expand…”

Ronald Rice – Nor-On Mechanical Contracting

White River, Ontario, CANADA


“…We had a crew of about 6 inexperienced men plus a tractor and a loader. This saved a lot of scaffolding. We put up the whole building without tightening the bolts (as per directions). We put braces on the sides to keep the garage square. This metal garage was designed especially with higher sides. The extra height allows us to put our trailers right to the sides. We like it very much for our storage…”

Robert Davies – Cambridge Shrine Club

Branchton, Ontario, CANADA

“…I purchased a 30 x 50 “S” style steel garage. The staff was courteous and informative. My steel garage kit arrived on the delivery date we set up with no delays. Now, about the garage: I am really happy to have purchased the industrial arch connector plates as I mounted them to a floating slab. They kept everything on center and were easy to attach to. Another is the skylights, they allow more than enough light – more than I imagined! I am very pleased as I do not have power for lighting. This is the first time I have built a steel garage from a prefabricated kit and it went together well. Your garage manual is easy to follow. I have a beautiful garage that is maintenance free and is designed to handle the snow load for this area…”

Scott Kela – Kela Construction Inc.

Hancock, Michigan, USA

CASE STUDIES – Hobby Metal Garages & Metal Workshop


“Thomas purchased a retirement property in Golden Valley, AZ to pursue his hobby of restoring antique cars. His Future Buildings steel garage provided him with a clean, dry workspace that was so economical he could afford a metal garage that was twice the size he had originally expected to purchase!”

Steel Garage Kit For Recreational Vehicles – RVs


“Barry also lives in Arizona and wanted a two car steel garage kit that would shield his new motor home and truck from the scorching desert sun. Due to the layout of his land, he needed large sidewall openings. The straight walled “A” style steel building proved to be the perfect answer to his goal of having a two car steel garage that could be customized to suit his property. Congratulations, Barry!”

Insulated Steel Garage Kit with Overhead Door


“Trevor called from Lac La Biche, AB looking for a large insulated steel garage to store his new 5th wheel. The “X” model steel building had the clearance he needed to fit a large overhead door. Trevor also finds that the Future Buildings pre-cut insulation package with vapor barrier keeps the interior of his steel garage warm and dry.”


“…I had about 10 of my family and friends who helped put the workshop building together. There were 4 on the ground putting the sections of the workshop building together. We had a scaffold in the center of the workshop and hoisted each section up and bolted them together. We had it built in a day and a half. The workshop is strong and sturdy. I also had it insulated so I could heat it with a wood stove. Everything was easy to install. I am retired and I do a bit of woodworking and small jobs and the wood stove heat it very quickly when I am working in my building in the winter. I like my workshop building very much and would recommend it. If I built another workshop building it would be a Future Buildings building!”

Ken McDerrmid

Guelph, Ontario


“…Initially I received your brochure in the mail and decided to make inquiries. The workshop building I was interested in was a 20 x 12 x 30 “A” model steel building. The foundation instructions were really good and easy to follow. I requested a delivery date and it was right on time! This workshop building is used as a wood-working shop and has lots of space. I insulated it with your insulation kit and it was very easily installed. I have since added on a furnace room and I pipe in the heat. The workshop building is very easy to heat. The service and instructions were excellent. I have received a lot of comments on my workshop building and have recommended Future Buildings many times…”

David Archibald

Dutch Valley, New Brunswick


“…I am very proud of my workshop building. It is 40 x 60 – with in-floor heating – and an outdoor wood furnace to provide heat. My neighbours helped to put up the steel sides and fasten the bolts. Looking forward to working in it and getting all my wood working tools in place…”

Don Hoshel

New Hamburg, Ontario


“Nick, an avid woodworker, contacted Future Buildings because he had grown tired of moving his car every time he wanted to work in his Garage / Woodworking shop. Nick now enjoys the extra and separate space in his fully insulated Future Buildings Workshop Building.

Nick now enjoys the extra and separate space in his fully insulated Future Buildings Workshop Building.”

Angelo’s Motorcycle Metal Workshop


“Living in the city, Angelo had very limited space to build his backyard shop.

The creative design and the flexibility of Future Buildings’ manufacturing process allowed us to produce a Workshop Building that fit perfectly in his little space.”