Steel Building Accessories for Looks and Function

One big advantage to buying a steel building kit from Future Buildings is that you get a DIY building kit that has been completely tailored to the size and style you choose – but the options to customize don’t stop there. Read on to learn more about accessories that can add great elements of aesthetic and function to your new steel building!

Coloured Endwalls & Trim

Worried a steel building won’t match your existing buildings or home? Don’t be! Coloured endwalls and trim add a finishing touch that gives a perfect “residential” look, while matching the industrial strength of your steel building’s walls.

Beyond standard Plain Steel (Galvalume Plus™ Steel) – which you can paint – we offer the option of coloured endwalls. Available in four versatile colours (and matching trims), the coloured ends are coated with state-of-the-art silicone modified paints. No matter whether you choose Plain Steel or a colour option, you always have the choice to add a custom finish of your own!

DIY Steel Building Accessories

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Doors, Windows & Skylights

How you plan to use your building can help you determine the number of openings you need and want for doors and windows, and how much light you want to shine in!

Future Buildings offers man doors and sliding doors made of sturdy steel with heavy duty hardware included, our sliding doors (like our buildings) are also covered by our 40-year rust perforation warranty.

Adding windows and skylights to your custom steel building kit is a great way to take the eco-friendly and energy-saving benefits of a steel building to the next level, brightening your interior without the electricity costs.

DIY Steel Building Accessories

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Insulation & Turbine Vents

Each steel building kit manufactured by Future Buildings is designed specifically to handle the wind, snow and seismic loads for your exact location (yes, even harsh winters), and adding functional accessories to further customize your steel building can give you the utmost comfort and performance.

Eliminating condensation buildup as temperatures change, reducing your energy bills, and cutting unwanted sound from power tools or equipment – insulation is a great addition for your steel building, providing year-round comfort and savings. Choose from two effective insulation systems, designed for quick and easy installation with our unique “pin and cap” technology.

If you’re planning to use your steel building as a garage or workshop, extra ventilation from turbine vents and adapters offer a low cost, low maintenance solution to increase your building’s airflow.

DIY Steel Building Accessories

…and of course, how you choose to make your newfound space your own is totally up to you and your imagination! Follow us on Facebook to get even more inspiration and ideas.

DIY Steel Building Accessories

Whether you’re building your dream garage or workshop, adding a small storage building, or even a spacious guest suite – the experienced team at Future Buildings offers one-of-a-kind DIY steel building kits that you can feel confident in and get maximum enjoyment from, with expertise from design to fabrication to delivery.

With factory-direct savings and our guaranteed “True Pricing”, you’ll only pay for the building you specifically need, engineered to your local codes and location requirements. Get started on your project – request a free True Pricing Quote today!

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