Container Covers

**Please note we do not supply containers**

One of the most practical roofing solutions we can offer is the Future Buildings Container Cover. It is a popular product for what could have remained unused space ultimately transforming it into a handy storage or work area. Our container covers eliminate the need for bulky beams, trusses and interior supports creating an open space simplicity.

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  • 25 X 40 -02 R Model, CA, 221603 (1)
  • 25 X 40 -02 R Model, CA, 221603 (2)
  • 25 X 40 -03 R Model, CA, 221603
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Using our mounting plates to secure the arch panels to standard shipping containers (which can also be called cargo containers, sea cans, conex boxes) provides instant coverage and protection for any kind of vehicle or activity underneath. The containers act as the walls with our covers and can be used as accommodations, garages, workshops, construction site storage and countless commercial applications.

Many customers choose to close their space in with end walls which are optional. Other possible accessories include skylights and insulation. There is no end to how personal, comfortable and functional one can make their Container Cover structure.

container covers
Shipping Container Covers

Choose your ideal width – 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 up to 60 – and can be designed to be any length.

Our Container Covers and other roofing systems are engineered for applicable snow loads and coated with a Galvalume Plus™ coating offering great protection from rust perforation.

Check out our gallery of various Shipping Container uses along with some other roofing system solutions.

(*note – we do not supply shipping containers)

Roofing System FeaturesFuture BuildingsTraditional Building
Factory Direct PricingYesNo
Easy DIY ConstructionYesNo
Certified for Your AreaYesNo
Guaranteed StructureYesNo
40 Year Rust Perforation WarrantyYesNo

A How-To for Container Covers

Our Container Covers are designed to be erected with real speed and ease. Each kit comes with special mounting plates that affix directly to the containers and then work to hold the roofing panels in place as you add them one by one. Such a clever example of how combining our steel arches with your repurposed containers as a base results in endless new uses for storage, shelter and space!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Container Covers

The following are some answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions about our steel container covers:

What sizes do the container covers come in?

Our container covers are designed to attach to two shipping containers and can be customized at any length. As for width, we offer a variety of options, including 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 up to 60 feet.

Can I use multiple kits in a row to create a longer space?

Our container covers can be designed for whatever length you need. However, it is also possible to attach multiple kits. You can line up as many container cover kits in a row as you need, provided you have enough shipping containers to attach them to. You can then connect them end-to-end.

Are the container covers weather-resistant?

Yes. They are designed for outdoor use to help protect anything beneath the covers from the elements. Because they are built out of metal, they will withstand everything from snow and ice to wind and fire. We even offer a 40-year rust perforation warranty on our container covers.

Do the containers need to be on a concrete slab?

No, they don’t. But the containers need to be orientated so that they are level and square in relation to each other.