Constructing a Steel Building: The Process from Design to Build

blog-diy-metal-building-1The prospect of designing, then building, one of your own steel buildings is intimidating. The process, though, is quite straightforward with steel structures. All you need to build your own garage, workshop or storage shed are a custom design with appropriate drawings, straightforward instructions, and a positive attitude.

Steel buildings are made with lightweight steel so they are not quite as heavy as they look. For your steel building, each arch will weigh about 50 pounds. But, you do not have to lift them when constructing your building. So if you were concerned about your back, don’t be. For this steel building project you won’t need master carpentry skills or a strong back.

Designing your building

Your building is designed with your needs and according to your local building codes. You will receive a building kit, which includes the specifications and instructions for each step of constructing your building.

Foundation drawings will be certified and stamped by a Professional Engineer from your area. Professional Engineers and building specialists will also ensure that your kit includes only the materials that you require to complete your specific steel building project. 

Once you have your design and your kit, you can expect all the support you need once you begin pouring the foundation and building your steel building.

Constructing your steel building

Once you receive the building kit for your custom designed steel building you can begin construction. It only takes four easy steps.

Pour your footings

The first thing that you have to do is prepare the site for your building’s foundation. This involves pouring the footing. Your instructions will include the exact specifications needed for the footings. You will likely need to hire a subcontractor to level and pour for you, or you can do it yourself if you feel you are able to.

Put together the building arches

Once your footing is in place and dry, you can start to assemble your building. The first thing to do is assemble the arches. They are steel panels that have been laser punched and can be easily assembled on the ground. Each arch has a flat overlap which prevents leaking by ensuring that the seal is 100% watertight.

Raise the building’s arches

This is much easier than you can imagine. All you need to do is raise the first arch, then secure it to the foundation. Repeat the process until all of your steel building arches are raised. You will want to have a friend, or multiple friends help you with this step to make it easier.

Put on your finishing touches

Once the arches are up, the only items left to complete are first insert all the end walls. And second, assemble the doors and hang them. Then simply tighten all of the bolts and then your steel building is ready to use. At this point, you can always install custom accessories, or paint the exterior end walls any colour you please! 

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