Customize Your Steel Building

Depending on what you want, you can construct your end – walls using steel or wood construction materials, vinyl, brick or any other choice of material. And further personally customize your building by framing in the windows and doors as required. Then using our unique pin and cap insulation kit you can quickly and easily insulate your walls for year – round heating and cooling efficiency. Choosing how to finish your steel building is up to you and there are countless ways to customize and accessorize yours so that it not only reflects who you are but what is practical to your needs.

Customize Your Steel Buildings
paint your steel building

Can I Paint My Building?

All our buildings are made using Galvalume Plus™ Steel which is coated in a resin to provide enhanced protection from rust. The added benefit of this resin coating is the fact that it acts as a bonded primer allowing you to easily and quickly paint your steel building if you wish.


You can customize your building further with our line of practical and affordable accessories. Take a look at our available steel building accessories.