Metal Buildings & Building Kits for Sale in Colorado

Colorado boasts vast plains in the east and the Continental Divide mountaintops, which are desirable attributes that lead you to the state. However, the altitude difference, which varies as much as 11,123 feet between the highest and lowest points, presents various construction challenges. Fortunately, pre-engineered metal buildings have what is required to survive any terrain and elevation. Unlike structures with wooden frames, prefab metal buildings can withstand various elements and offer better protection. What’s more, the range of prefab metal buildings Colorado residents can access is limitless. However, it is essential to choose a reputable manufacturer that can guarantee premium quality parts and sturdy structures.

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Future Buildings – Metal Buildings in Colorado

Are you looking for the best steel buildings in Colorado that can meet your needs? Future Buildings offers a reliable building system optimized for the unique challenges in both urban and rural Colorado. Our prefabricated steel buildings offer strength, customization, durability and dependability. Steel metal buildings also take a shorter time to complete, so your structure will be ready for use sooner. We have supplied prefabricated metal buildings for different industries in Colorado, including the government, commercial and residential construction, agriculture and retail builds, and more. Future Buildings also ensures high-quality building kits that meet specific user needs. We offer metal building kits Colorado residents can quickly assemble and use in their projects and also provide professional consultation to help customers get the best structures for their needs.

Why Choose Our Metal and Steel Buildings in Colorado

From its highest to lowest elevations, Colorado’s terrain changes by up to 11,123 feet. As a result, the weather differs greatly across the state, with urban and rural locations presenting their own unique building considerations. Future Buildings has kept these things in mind and designed our steel buildings to suit the area perfectly, no matter the concern.


With the frequency of wildfires in Colorado, a steel building is the safest choice for your construction project. While no structure can claim to be completely fireproof, a non-combustible steel structure offers unmatched fire resistance compared to traditional buildings. It will never be the source of initial ignition and will not add fuel to an existing fire.


Colorado is prone to heavy snowfalls in the higher elevations and intense winter storms throughout the state. We design our metal buildings to meet or exceed the Colorado building codes in your area, including wind and snow loads. Should you want more protection, your structure can be designed for higher loads than required.


While high winds can occur anywhere, Colorado’s geography renders it vulnerable to Chinooks. These strong winds can cause connections to fail, nails and staples to pull out of wood-framed structures, and the roof to lift. This may causes the walls to collapse, damaging the building and its contents. Pre-engineered steel buildings are significantly less likely to be damaged by severe winds due to their stronger bolt and screw connections. As with snow loads, the structures offered by Future Buildings are designed to meet or exceed local building codes.


The material used in our metal buildings is of the highest quality. Each structure is constructed using Galvalume Plus™ steel, which has been specially treated with a zinc alloy coating to improve rust and corrosion resistance. You can be confident your building will last as it comes with our 40-year rust perforation warranty.

Termites and Pests

Subterranean termites, which are native to Colorado, are frequent pests at lower altitudes. Termite damage is more prevalent in the state’s urban areas. Since there is no wood in any of our structures, it does not provide food for these critters, meaning there is never a risk of damage or infestation.

Versatile and Economical Steel Buildings in Colorado

Future Buildings offers the perfect prefabricated metal building package and kits that can help you create and design high-quality steel buildings in Colorado. Whether you need a commercial storage facility or industrial park, boat and RV storage, garage or enclosed insulated structures, Future Buildings will meet your unique requirements. We also offer a wide selection of metal building accessories designed for both small and large projects. Our steel buildings are designed with the end-user application in mind, and we take customer input very seriously. Some of the industries we serve include:

  • Agricultural buildings in Colorado including farm, ranch and barn structures.
  • Aviation structures and aircraft hangars.
  • Automotive structures, including welding and mechanic buildings.
  • Commercial and residential buildings, including home, school, church structures.
  • Industrial, manufacturing and factory buildings.
  • Garages and storage spaces for boats and RVs.
  • Office, restaurant and recreational structures.

Are you concerned about the resource economy in your next construction project? Future Buildings steel buildings are very economical as they come in precise sizes and parts that waste no material. No additional modifications or sawing are required as with wooden framing. The project will take less time to complete and also offers the flexibility you need. Whether you intend to create climate-controlled office interiors with advanced insulation systems or want to create open-ended animal shelters, Future Buildings steel structures will meet your demands. The result is durable, attractive, comfortable and cost-effective. Steel buildings also require very little maintenance.

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Contact Future Buildings to Purchase a Metal Building in Colorado

Future Buildings is dedicated to providing high-quality, pre-engineered metal buildings that industries and residents can rely on for their needs throughout Colorado, including cities like Denver and Colorado Springs. Do you have a design in mind? If you can envision the structure, we can build it to your specifications. Prefab steel buildings offer incredible customization and can be cut into precise sizes and parts that fit perfectly to form sturdy structures. Contact Future Buildings today for your Colorado prefabricated steel building needs.