Finish Your Own Front

One of the most appealing features about Future Buildings DIY kits is the option to finish the front of your building any way that you choose to – using any material that you want. Many of our customers have elected to purchase only the arches along with the solid back wall having decided that the front face of their new steel building would be their personal look and design.

For a basic size and style of building it would be a simple undertaking, using locally supplied materials that will provide that added aesthetic and property value by blending in with your house and/or any other existing structures.

Match Your House

These customers were able to find all the materials locally to ensure that their new steel building or carport blended in with their existing residence for great property aesthetics.


Simple Steps to a Fantastic Front Wall Finish

Raise the arches • Frame the front wall • Add your preferred building material • Admire the finish!


Be sure to visit our Sale Page to check on listings for buildings sold without front walls that would allow you to build your own.

These buildings are priced to clear and best offers are accepted. The perfect opportunity to save money while creating the front wall look that suits you best!

Browse through these custom front walls for inspiration on how to finish your own!

  • finish-your-own-front-gal1
  • finish-your-own-front-gal2
  • finish-your-own-front-gal3
  • finish-your-own-front-gal4
  • finish-your-own-front-gal5
  • finish-your-own-front-gal6
  • finish-your-own-front-gal7
  • finish-your-own-front-gal8
  • finish-your-own-front-gal9
  • finish-your-own-front-gal10
  • finish-your-own-front-gal11
  • finish-your-own-front-gal12
  • finish-your-own-front-gal13
  • finish-your-own-front-gal14
  • finish-your-own-front-gal15
  • finish-your-own-front-gal16
  • finish-your-own-front-gal17
  • finish-your-own-front-gal18
  • finish-your-own-front-gal19
  • finish-your-own-front-gal20
  • finish-your-own-front-gal21
  • finish-your-own-front-gal22
  • finish-your-own-front-gal23
  • finish-your-own-front-gal24
  • finish-your-own-front-gal25
  • finish-your-own-front-gal26
  • finish-your-own-front-gal27
  • finish-your-own-front-gal28
  • finish-your-own-front-gal29
  • finish-your-own-front-gal30
  • finish-your-own-front-gal31
  • finish-your-own-front-gal32