Although our steel buildings are designed to be a brighter alternative than many traditional post and beam buildings, our engineers have created a line of affordable skylights that are easy to install and provide natural light throughout.

Skylights offer you an economical way to brighten the interior of your Future Buildings steel building without additional electricity costs. Panels are manufactured from heavy-duty fibreglass in a variety of colours and come in lengths of up to 10? in a standard 2? width.

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  • Low-cost solution in the form of natural light throughout
  • Brighter interior without additional energy costs
  • Increased visibility while working inside

Natural Light with Our Pre-Formed Skylight Panels

Our translucent skylight panels are a definite must-have for building owners wanting to create a brighter interior. Adding natural sunlight is perfect for workshops and small businesses where a more comfortable interior to work in would be advantageous. We recommend one skylight for every 10 feet of the building to disperse the light adequately. The skylight panel is designed to fit into the roof of the building lining up to match the corrugation of the arches.

Made from a heavy-duty resin, the skylight panel is very thick and built to withstand high winds, flying debris and damaging hail. Like your steel building, the skylights will stand the tests of time and wear.

More Info

For more information on choosing the right skylights for your steel building please call 1-800-668-5111.