Metal Overhead Doors

We offer 3 standard sizes of overhead doors specifically designed to provide larger entries in residential, commercial and industrial pre-fabricated buildings. Made from heavy duty grade steel, these doors not only have a secure weather seal but also provide high levels of thermal efficiency for your building.

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Available in 3 standard sizes:

  1. 10’w x 10’h
  2. 10’w x 12’h
  3. 12’w x 14’h

Benefits of Overhead Doors

  • Sturdy Steel Construction
  • Bright White Color Only
  • R-16.3 Insulation
  • Includes Slide Lock, Pull Rope and Weather Seal
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty

More Info

For more information on any of our accessories including choosing the right door entry solution for your steel building, call 1-800-668-5111 and speak to one of our Building Specialists.