Build a Covered Ice Rink with a Custom Steel Building

steel building ice rinkWhen your community needs to build a new covered ice rink, your best alternative is a steel building. Steel buildings can meet all of your requirements to provide a safe, long lasting, and efficient structure. Here are four of the main reasons why.

Quick to build

Steel buildings can be erected in less time than traditional structures. From design to assembly, you will benefit from lower labor and transportation costs to save money on the structure itself. Since your steel ice covered rink will be cheaper and quicker to erect, you will save money up front and you will start to generate income sooner.

Custom design

Steel construction is perfect for large buildings like covered ice rinks that do not require interior walls. In-house engineers, as well as commercial building specialists, will help you to design and construct your covered ice rink.  They will design a building that meets all local building code requirements and zoning regulations. 

Once the engineers have designed the building, the factory will then manufacture your skating rink to the engineer’s precise specifications. You will have professionals working with you from initial design through to on-site assembly of your business.


Steel buildings are durable and your steel ice covered rink can be built with steel that is even more durable than traditional steel structures. Steel is rust resistant too and can come with a rust-free warranty.

If your rink is built in colder climates, the steel is thicker too, up to six times thicker, so it can withstand harsh winter climates. And, you can sleep at night knowing that the building materials for your covered ice rink are non-combustible.

Cheaper to operate

Steel buildings are designed to reflect heat, which will make the operation of your covered ice rink cheaper over time. Thermal and energy efficient, expect that your steel structure will see lower heating and cooling bills over time.

Your covered ice rink will also be low maintenance. Steel will not rust or be susceptible to chipping or other kinds of unsightly defects that require ongoing maintenance. 


The construction of your commercial covered ice rink is also a contribution to green building in your community. All steel can be recycled, so 100% of your steel building materials can be recycled.  And, your steel building can be made from recycled steel, making it green for the entire life-span of your structure.

For all of these reasons your choice of a steel structure for your covered ice rink is the right one. Your structure will be up and running quicker, easier and more affordable to run in the long term, and a sustainable structure that will help your community stay green.

If you have any questions at any point during installation, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-668-5111 or Request a free quote today!

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