20 Future Buildings Facts: Our Buildings, Company & More

With a new decade, “building for the future” couldn’t be more exciting – whether a custom steel building kit is in the cards for you this year, or you’ve already become one of our many happy customers, we’ve got cause to celebrate together with you! We’re kicking off the 2020’s with 20 facts about who we are, what we do – and of course, what makes our steel building kits first-class.

1. Nearly 40 Years in Business

This isn’t the first time we’ve rung in a new decade as a company. Future Buildings is a family-owned and operated company that was founded in 1981. We hope you’ll be joining us in marking our fast-approaching 40-year anniversary!

2. Designed for Function

Even though our buildings come in kit form, we think outside the box. The unique truss-less design of our steel buildings allows you to have a fully clear, highly functional space to enjoy.

3. Personalization Rules

Here at Future Buildings, we love helping to bring your dream building to life! We know that the ability to completely customize your steel building is key, which is why we’re proud to offer a range of options – from windows and doors to skylights and endwalls and more – to make your steel garage, workshop, or home your own.

Future Buildings A Model Kit & Future Buildings Custom Front & Future Buildings Garage Kit

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4. Endless Uses

Steel building kits offer many great benefits, making them an ideal choice for a wide variety of uses. Whether you require a simple storage solution, the ultimate garage, space for your new business, or anything in between – we’re here to design, manufacture, and deliver your structure!

5. Environmentally Conscientious

We care about the environment, and we know many of our customers do too! We’re proud to offer prefabricated steel structures that are eco-friendly and made from sustainable material with a low carbon footprint. With Energy Star® efficiency and no construction waste during installation, a Future Building steel building kit is a building choice all of us can feel good about.

6. Commercial Solutions

We often talk about individual consumers’ building projects, but did you know that we also offer our expertise to companies and organizations looking for commercial steel building projects? Some of our notable steel building projects include working with the Canadian Armed Forces, the City of Toronto, Dakota Creek Winery, Diavik Diamond Mines, Paramount Canada’s Wonderland and Suncor Energy – just to name a few.

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7. Engineered Just for You

Each steel building or roofing system we design and manufacture is engineered according to the very specific wind, snow and seismic loads for the exact location you will be installing your structure, as well as what the building will be used for. You’ll also receive blueprints in accordance with your local building codes before your building arrives.

8. We’re Proud to be Canadian

Future Buildings is based in Ontario, Canada, and we serve customers across North America. From coast to coast, north to south, our engineers are licensed in over 60 North American jurisdictions and are supported by an in-house team with extensive backgrounds in structural design.

9. DIY-ers Triumph

We send our customers everything they need to install their steel building. The pre-punched pre-cut panels, single-size bolts, and detailed installation manual means there’s no wasted materials or time.

Future Buildings Exterior & DIY Steel Building Installation & Steel Building How To

Learn More About the DIY Installation Process

10. Committed to Affordability

Our Building Specialists work individually with each customer to design and manufacture the steel building the customer needs. Never mass-produced or priced, Future Buildings customers can rest assured that they only pay for the building they specifically require.

11. No One-Size Fits All

We know that there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution for every steel building project – we’re happy to take on projects big or small. From storage sheds to airplane hangars and everything in between, Future Buildings is here for you and your project!

12. Our Customers are Awesome

We’re always thrilled to hear from customers who are as pleased with their completed building projects as we were with engineering them. If you’re a Future Buildings customer who’s enjoying their building – we want to hear from you – and keep those great photos coming!

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13. Comfort Matters

Our Galvalume PlusTM steel is an ideal building material that reflects heat, maintaining warmth during the winter months and in cold climates, as well as keeping your building comfortably cool during summertime or in hot conditions. Increase climate-control and sound-proofing comfort further with our optional insulation and/or ventilation solutions!

14. Support Throughout Your Project

Our team of in-house engineers are here to work with you through the design details of your custom steel building kit, and our helpful technical and customer service teams are available at all points during the order, including the delivery and installation phases of your steel building project.

15. More Than Just a House

With so many advantages over traditional residential dwellings, metal homes are continuing to gain popularity and we’re there helping to turn those houses into homes. If you’re planning to build a new abode, consider a made-to-order custom steel home!

Steel House Kit & Future Buildings Cabin & Future Buildings Lakehome

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16. Strength and Durability

“Tough as steel” isn’t just an expression for us! All our steel buildings are made from the best steel available in the world today, purchased directly from ArcelorMittal Dofasco, ensuring consistent quality grade steel (and optimal pricing). Treated with a zinc coating allow, our Galvalume PlusTM steel is highly corrosion resistant, 3-6 times stronger than traditional steel buildings – and we offer a 40-year rust perforation warranty.

17. We Own Our Manufacturing Facility

Owning our own manufacturing facility allows us to offer affordable pricing to keep our customers’ costs down, and our customers can feel confident that their building is completed to the highest standards from design to production.

18. Innovative Interiors

The endless options to customize nearly every component of your steel building kit don’t stop at the exterior. It’s easy to make the interior of your steel building as unique as you desire! Custom flooring, shelving and storage solutions, and wall finishes are just some of the many ways our customers have created their ultimate man-cave, she-shed, garage, workshop and more.

Custom Steel Clubhouse & Custom Restaurant Steel Building Kit & Man Cave Interior

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19. Find Us Around the World

Although most of our customers are looking for custom steel building kits for their projects in North America – you can also find some of our completed steel buildings around the world! From a breathtaking custom steel home in Morocco to a unique retail store in Japan or a functional commercial steel structure in Costa Rica, you never know where we’ll be building for the future next.

20. We’re Looking Ahead…

As we prepare to celebrate 40 years as leaders in the steel building industry, we’re excited to see what the next decade holds. We can’t wait to hear about what projects and needs our wonderful customers will ask of us!

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