Considerations for Your Steel Building

One of the biggest benefits of ordering a Future Buildings DIY steel building kit is that you can completely customize your steel building, ensuring you get exactly the structure you want and need. Not sure where to start? Here are some considerations for you to decide on when buying a custom steel structure:

Your Steel Building’s Use

How you plan to use your steel building should be the first decision you make. Because they are durable, rot-free and fire resistant, residential steel building are extremely versatile and their uses are practically endless. They can be great solutions for:

  • Garages to provide security and comfort;
  • Storage buildings for seasonal household items or recreational vehicles;
  • Workshops for hobbies and trades;
  • Farm buildings for livestock and machinery;
  • Carports to protect your vehicles;
  • …and more. Your imagination really is the limit!

Once you know what functions your building will serve, you can then decide what the best size will be for your steel building kit. Large or small, we can custom manufacture any size of steel building you need.

Get Inspiration from these Steel Buildings Owners Across North America

Choosing Your Building Style

Our steel building kits can be made in a variety of styles and can be used across a wide range of sizes and center heights – from “A” style with straight-sides and a peaked roof, to “T” style with a partial arch and open side – there’s a style to suit any building.

Compare Steel Building Styles

No matter which of our building styles you choose, the truss-less arched design of our steel building styles allows you to have a fully usable interior with no wasted space.

Worried about outgrowing your steel building? Our arch construction system allows you to extend your building if your needs grow – just add more arches.

Deciding on Steel Building Accessories

When ordering a custom steel building kit, you’ll want to consider design options and finishing accessories to really make the building your own. Take advantage of customizing elements to bring your project to the next level and make it an attractive addition to your property. Some popular steel building accessories used to customize our steel building kits include:

  • Colored front or back walls to add a ‘residential look’;
  • Windows and skylights to provide natural light;
  • Insulation for comfort and economic savings year-round;
  • Door opening options such as man doors or sliding doors to suit your needs.

Browse Steel Building Accessories

Our team of professionals are here to help if you’re not sure which design options will best fit your building.

When you request a True Pricing Quote from Future Buildings, there are a few things we’ll want to know from you.

  • In addition to any decisions you’ve made about the use, size and accessories for your steel building, we’ll also ask you the exact location where your steel building will be.
  • The wind, snow and seismic loads will be calculated by our expert engineers and your building project will be engineered to those precise specifications and automatically backed a 40-year rust perforation warranty.
    • After you place your order, certified engineer drawings will be sent to you ahead of your building delivery.

Read our Capability Statement

Each steel building kit Future Buildings produces has been designed and manufactured specifically for each individual customer and their unique needs. You can count on only paying for the building you require, and our dedicated team of experts to help you through every step of your project.

With our superior galvalume plus steel and factory-direct pricing, Future Buildings and our expert engineers deliver the customization you need at the prices you want.

Request a True Pricing Quote from Future Buildings today to get your steel building started!

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