Pricing Your Steel Building Kit

Pricing out your steel building is an important part of your DIY-project, and questions about steel building kit costs are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear. At Future Buildings we design, manufacture and deliver custom steel building kits to each of our customers, who benefit from our factory-direct case-by-case pricing. Read on to learn more about factors that are considered when pricing your custom building kit.

Your Steel Building Needs

Each of our steel building kits is carefully engineered for each individual customer – and since no two are alike, no two building prices will be exactly the same. Some factors that must be taken into consideration to ensure your steel building is priced precisely for your project include:

  • Your Location
    Whether you live in an area subject to harsh winters or mild temperatures year-round, your steel building needs to be engineered to meet the exact codes where you live. Our in-house team of qualified engineers are licensed in over 60 jurisdictions across North America and will ensure that your steel building kit is made to meet the specific snow, wind and seismic loads for the location you will install your building, and deliver it with certified drawings.
  • Your Building’s Use
    Steel buildings can be installed for a wide variety of uses, from carports to garages, riding arenas to homes. Although all our buildings are made from Galvalume PlusTM steel, the best available in the world today, how you intend to use your building is an important part of pricing because it will determine the correct gauge of steel that your building kit needs.

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Your Steel Building Kit Options

The ability to choose from so many customization options gives Future Buildings’ customers a great advantage in getting a steel building that is just right for their project. In order to give you accurate pricing for your building kit, we’ll help walk you through some variables that also impact pricing, such as:

  • Building Size
    Steel building kits can be made in a broad range of sizes, such as small storage sheds or large airplane hangars and everything in between, so it’s likely no surprise that the size of your structure will be one key factor in determining its overall price.
  • Details & Accessories
    When designing your steel building kit, our Building Specialists will work with you to ensure all the details are just the way you want them. Your steel building design details may include openings for different windows and doors, and you may decide that you’d like to further customize your building by adding optional accessories such as insulation kits, skylights, and coloured endwalls.

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Your Steel Building Styles

In addition to taking into account the size of your steel building, it is important to also select the style that best suits your needs. You can check out all our building styles below.

Your Cost-Saving Advantages

Choosing a steel building kit over other building materials has many advantages when it comes to durability, safety and usability. There are also cost-saving benefits to installing a steel building, including:

  • DIY Installation
    There’s no need to spend money hiring a contractor and crew or purchasing tools you’ll never use again just to install your basic Future Buildings steel building kit. The unique design of our kits and pre-punched, pre-cut panels allows you to put up your steel building with a few friends and a cordless drill. We’ll send you everything you need to install your building, along with our easy-to-follow installation manual.
  • Easy Modifications
    Your needs can change over time, and our steel building kits allow you to expand your building by simply adding more arches, giving you the additional space you need – without undertaking a major renovation project!
  • Durability and Longevity
    All our buildings are manufactured out of Galvalume Plus™ Steel, one of the most durable, corrosion-resistant metals available. In fact, we even offer a 50-year warranty on all of our metal buildings against rust perforation. All our steel is purchased directly from ArcelorMittal Dofasco to ensure consistency of quality grade steel and optimal pricing. Read more about Galvalume Plus™ Steel at their website here.

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What Our “True Pricing” Guarantee Means for You

Pricing your Steel Building Kit for a quick delivery is easy!

New DIY Steel Building Delivery

We are committed to providing our customers nothing but the best, from building materials to customer care to pricing – and our design-manufacture services allow us to pass on factory-direct pricing case-by-case, without inflating or rounding up prices.

By working with each customer individually, we stand behind each project and ensure that you are only paying for the building you want that meets your specifications, as well as your safety and locality needs. We also stand behind our buildings further with our 40-year rust perforation warranty.

Don’t settle for an out-of-the-box steel building made for someone else’s wants and needs. Future Buildings is here to create your steel building kit, customized your way!

Get started on your building project today – request your free True Pricing Quote now and connect with our local Building Specialists who are here to answer all of your questions.

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