Boost Your Property Value with a Steel Building

Steel Building

Future Buildings steel building kits offer you not only options to choose a size, style and design elements that perfectly suit a variety of steel building uses, a custom-made steel building kit also benefits residential property owners by boosting the value of their existing property. Here are some of the many ways adding a steel building can be a priceless addition to your property:

Gain Usable Square Footage

Installing a new steel building can allow you to free up space inside your home or a garage you already have. Consider how much more room you could gain if you had somewhere to store seasonal household items, safely house a hobby in a separate space or add shelter for an RV or motorhome, while still being able to easily and conveniently access everything you need.

Whether you are looking for a small storage building, a great garage or roofing system, a steel building kit has got you covered! What’s more, the unique truss-less design of our steel structures allows you to take full advantage of the clear space inside your steel building.

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Have Room to Grow

With growing families, new hobbies or even an expanding business, it’s easy to feel that you’ve outgrown your space too soon. With a steel building you can stop those growing pains by adding a standalone structure that can be used as a separate living suite for guests or extended family members (yes, they can even be multi-level suites), a workshop, home office and more.

Worried about an unsightly steel building? Don’t be! You can easily customize the ends of your steel building with coloured end walls or even paint to match other buildings (such as your home) that are on your property. A custom finish such as wood, vinyl or brick on end walls can also be a great way to add to the overall aesthetic appeal of your building.

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Save on Costs

Engineered to meet the wind, snow and seismic loads for your specific location (yes, even those North American winters), your steel building kit will be highly durable. With superior benefits as a building material such as resistance to fire, water damage, rot, mildew and pests, many insurance companies offer reduced premiums when you choose a building made of steel.

You can also keep money in your pocket thanks to the Energy Star® Efficiency of our steel buildings, which keep both your heating and cooling costs down – and consider adding our unique and efficient pin and cap insulation kits to really augment your energy savings!

We understand that you want great value for your investment – our steel buildings are made from GalvalumeTM Plus Steel and come backed by a 40-year rust perforation warranty.

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If you’re considering the resale value of your property down the road, adding a steel building can give great appeal to potential buyers who want a bit “more” from their next home. Maximizing your property with a functional garage, ample covered parking or even an extra suite could be a big advantage towards your curb-appeal – and sale price!

Whether you’re planning to stay in your current residence short or long-term, your steel building will be a maintenance-free addition – a steel building requires virtually no upkeep to withstand general wear-and-tear and the tests of time.

From garages to carports, roofing systems to pole barns – custom-made steel building kits can serve your property for years to come. Connect with a Building Specialist at Future Buildings today to get started on your building project and take advantage of our factory direct pricing.

Future Buildings can give you the customizations you want and the engineering expertise you need – request your True Pricing Quote now!

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