Steel Building Uses – Great Garages and Beyond

Steel buildings can’t be beat when it comes to durability, safety and cost. While they are a popular choice for garages, carports and man-caves, the versatility of a steel building means they can also be a superior option for other household needs. Get inspired with some of the many ways you can use a steel building, beyond the garage! 

Seasonal Storage Space

Pest-proof, a custom-sized steel storage shed can be the ideal way to store household items:

  • Free up valuable space inside your home by storing seasonal decorations, clothing, bedding, or outgrown toys;
  • Protect patio furniture or barbecues during the winter months;
  • Renting a storage locker? Put that money back in your pocket and access your belongings from the convenience of your own property.

Uses for Steel Buildings

Hobby Room or Workshop

The unique design of a Future Buildings steel building allows you to use 100% of the interior space, and Galvalume™ Plus Steel’s unique water, fire and rust resistance gives you all the room you need to safely:

  • Install shelving or racks to keep projects and tools organized;
  • Enjoy a secure space to spread out with your hobbies – from woodworking to sewing and crafting, welding to winemaking;
  • Get an affordable artist workshop or studio;
  • Have a maintenance-free outbuilding.

Learn More About Caring for Your Steel Building Inside and Out

Work at Home Space

With the option to add insulation, heating or humidity controls, and the ability to withstand even the toughest of Canadian weather, your steel building can be the perfect year-round space for your:

  • Home office, business records and equipment;
  • Business inventory or retail storage;
  • Network marketing headquarters.

Uses for Steel Buildings

Rec Room

When it comes to families, space can be at a premium! A steel outbuilding can help keep the peace in your household and give everyone a place to have entertainment, while keeping ruckus contained:

  • Play games and practice musical instruments;
  • Host birthday parties or sleepovers;
  • Get creative with arts and crafts;
  • Set up a video game room or home-theatre.

Noise-proofing? We’ve got you covered! Learn More About Customizing Your Steel Building

Guest Suite

Taking full advantage of your existing property, steel outbuildings retain their value and can be customized to match the exterior style of your home or other buildings on the same property. Every steel building we produce is designed and custom-made specifically for your local building codes and climate by our certified engineers. With a single or multi-level steel building, you can: 

  • Offer a comfortable guest suite for short or long-term visitors;
  • Provide an accessory apartment for in-laws or students living at home.

Uses for Steel Buildings


With fast DIY installation and an easy to expand design, no matter what your personal interests are, a steel building provides the ultimate convenience and next-level activity space for socializing. Use your clubhouse for:

  • Cooking or beer and wine-tasting equipment and get-togethers;
  • Indoor recreation hangouts with billiards, foosball or ping-pong;
  • Car, motorcycle or ATV storage or meeting space;
  • A cabin for hunting and fishing gear, groups and getaways (on your residential or even vacation property).

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