Do Garage Packages Add Value to Your Home?

Do Garage Packages Add Value to Your Home?Studies indicate that having a regular-sized garage raises a home’s value by about 13% to 15% compared to homes of a similar size and design without a garage. Learn how constructing a garage from one of our prefabricated garage kits can make your home more appealing to potential buyers and improve its efficiency.

Benefits of Using Detached Garage Kits

You will often have more options in terms of size, layout, and design if you build a detached garage. Here are some additional benefits:

Space Utilization

Building a detached garage lets you make the most of your extra space. Unlike attached garages that are limited by the size of the structure they’re connected to, a detached garage can be as big as you need. This is perfect if you require a wider double-car garage or need to create a longer garage to make room for additional belongings or vehicles.


Detached garages can be placed wherever you like. This is helpful if there is a particular look you’re after for your property, such as an “L” shape, or if you’d prefer the garage be set back further from the road. You also have the ability to design the garage how you wish without worrying about exactly matching the design elements of the existing structures. If you do want to match the existing buildings, creating a custom front wall for your steel garage can help. This will improve the overall visual appeal and potentially increase the resale value of your property.

More Customization

Garage packages are multi-functional, allowing you to use them for more than just car storage. This means that a detached garage can morph into a gym, a workshop, an office, and even a living area for recreation or a complete guesthouse. By using pre-measured and pre-cut insulation kits, you are able to control the interior temperatures and make the space comfortable for whatever you plan to use it for. You can also select accessories such as windows, ventilation, and more, to help create a structure that perfectly suits your needs.

Better for Your Main House

Building a detached garage eliminates the garage-dominated appearance of your house, which many homeowners can find unappealing. Curb appeal is an essential factor in deciding the worth of your home, and the right detached garage packages can complement the main house rather than obstruct it while adding value.

Avoid These Mistakes

Adding a garage to your house, whether attached or detached, can always increase its value. However, it would be best if you considered what can affect the value to avoid getting less than you hoped. Like every other home project, your garage addition should be thoughtfully tailored to suit both your needs and the available space. Some of the things to watch out for include:

If the Garage Package Is Too Big for The Lot

Always be aware of the size of your property. This is the number one thing to keep in mind when planning your garage. It is not advised to build a garage that is too large for the available space as it will make your property feel cramped and detract from the visual appeal.

Ruining the Aesthetic

If you choose to construct a custom endwall, you can select a material that matches your home and add windows and other accessories accordingly. Try to build your garage in a way that complements the layout of the main house.

Cost of Maintenance

A major selling factor in the housing market is high-quality and low maintenance. Choosing the wrong materials for your garage can provide the opposite experience, creating more work for the homeowner. Future buyers will appreciate the durability and ease of maintenance that a steel building can provide.

Garage Customizations That Can Increase Your Return on Investment

Climate-controlled spaces are more appealing as they allow the structure to be used throughout the year. While your garage likely doesn’t need to be completely air-conditioned, having proper insulation is essential. It will help to provide a comfortable space regardless of the weather or temperature.

For prefabricated metal buildings, the insulation also helps to prevent condensation and offers sound reduction. The insulation will absorb sound, making your garage a perfect place to use power tools, run cars and equipment, and even relax with loud music or host band practice.

Future Buildings Offers the Best Garage Packages in Canada.

We provide stamped certified drawings ensuring that each garage kit is engineered for the codes and loads in your location. Our structures are also easy to expand should the need arise by adding a virtually unlimited number of arches to your existing garage. For more information, contact us by phone at 1-800-668-5111, or request a free quote online.

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