Maintaining Your Steel Garage or Other Steel Building

With a Future Buildings steel building you not only get the specific design and customizations that you want, but the no-fuss sturdy steel and superior structure allow you to spend more time appreciating rather than maintaining it. There is virtually no upkeep needed for your steel building. Learn what choosing a steel building means you won’t have to do in comparison to many other garage, workshop, storage or carport options.

Caring for Your Steel Building – Inside and Out

When it comes to upkeep to preserve and care for your steel garage, your checklist will really depend on how you’ve chosen to take advantage of the 100% usable interior space and any customizations that you added. Besides that, your steel building requires no maintenance or preventative care other than what you might choose to do for esthetic-purposes. You may decide to:

  • Wash away any built-up dirt or grime to keep your garage exterior looking fresh and bright.
  • Paint your steel building, but you don’t need to do so for weatherproofing!
  • Clean any skylights and windows you may have installed.
  • Oil and lubricate hinges or tracks on man doors, overhead doors or sliding doors.
  • Consider servicing your steel building’s ventilation, plumbing, heating or air conditioning systems if you chose to have any installed.

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Maintenance You Won’t Need to Do with a Steel Building

Since you know you won’t have to perform any regular maintenance to care for your steel building, here are some things you can take OFF your to-do list!

  • Made from Galvalume Plus Steel™, your Future Buildings steel garage is stronger than traditional steel buildings and 7 times more rust resistant than regular galvanized steel – no rust-proofing necessary!
  • Unlike wood, steel structures are rot-free and fire resistant. They don’t expand and contract through weather changes, and they don’t need painting or staining to maintain their exterior appearance or durability.

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  • Leaky roof and some shingles lost off your home in a windstorm again? Not a problem for your steel building, thanks to the 100% watertight seal in each arch overlap!
  • Damp or humid conditions, or repeated freeze-thaw cycles can cause bricks to crumble. Brick repair is a thing of the past with steel that stands up to any climate, from sweltering summers to harsh Canadian winters.
  • Since steel buildings are resistant to pests, mold and mildew, you won’t need to worry about treating for any unwelcome guests.  

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Built with some of the strongest steel available and delivered with a 40-year rust perforation warranty you can trust your investment to withstand the test of time, and weather from coast to coast – without any extra work. We know you’ll love your custom steel building for years to come!

Choose Future Buildings when you want a customized steel garage or steel building designed to fit your needs, and factory-direct prices to meet your budget. Our certified engineers and industry leading experts have decades of experience fabricating and manufacturing superior steel buildings.

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