Tips on Designing a Steel Garage

Chances are you live in the country and your home doesn’t have a garage like many of the cooker-cutter looking homes in the suburbs. You didn’t want to live in such a tightly packed subdivision, but were somewhat upset when your country home lacked any garage at all. That’s fine though, because with that extra space you opted for when moving to your countryside home, you were graced with plenty of additional property to build a detached garage on. Below is an overview of some helpful tips when designing your very own steel garage of your dreams!


First things first, you need to decide on the overall size and dimensions of your steel garage. Garages can be built to accommodate as many vehicles as you wish, and can be built with optimal space for storage, tools and working space. Typically we build garages big enough for one or two vehicles, with additional space added for room to walk and for basic storage. Dimensions are completely customizable and up to you. Consider building your steel garage with an upstairs loft area for extra storage, or even to double as a living space!


Many of our customers choose to add multiple windows to their steel garage to give it a more welcoming, homey look. Windows are available in various shapes and sizes, and can even be tinted or mirror coated for added privacy.

Tips on Designing a Steel Garage


A full range of garage door styles are available, both window and windowless, and available in many different designs and colours. When designing your steel garage you will need both garage door(s) and traditional doors for easy access to your vehicles and storage.


It’s beneficial that your steel garage be installed with full service electrical. This will allow for automatic garage door openers, custom lighting, and the ability to run your tools and other electronics inside. This can always be done post construction,but you are best off having electricity installed during the initial build of your steel building.


Steel garage buildings are able to encompass both natural and electrical lighting. Consider using skylights to add natural lighting into your space and save you money on your electrical bill, while also using fluorescent lights for the most efficient lighting all day round. Also consider adding some exterior lighting for both ambience and easy nighttime navigation.


It’s also important to install proper ventilation into your steel garage. This way your space will stay cleaner, and contribute to a fresh smell. Most importantly, this will allow you to run machinery and vehicles indoors without worrying about dangerous co2 build up. Either way, doors should be open during prolonged engine use indoors.


Another great addition to any steel garage is insulation. By insulating your garage you will be able to keep your vehicles warmer, and have a much more comfortable space year round. No more frosted car windows in the winter!


Finally, you should consider painting the exterior of your steel garage so that it matches with your existing home, and structures on your property. These steel buildings can look amazing with a dab of colour!

For more information on steel garages, contact Future Buildings today! Ask about our many customization options and our unbeatable 30 year warranty!

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