The Benefits of Owning a Carport for Your RV

The Benefits of Owning a Carport for Your RVWhen you have an RV, you want to keep it safe. One of the best ways to do this is to purchase a carport. Carports can provide several benefits when it comes to keeping your vehicles safe and can protect your assets for years to come.

What Is an RV Carport?

A carport is an open-ended structure made of steel or vinyl that you park your vehicles underneath. A steel carport consists of both a metal frame and roof. It is more durable than vinyl and will provide you with the most reliable protection.

Top Benefits of Owning A Carport for Your RV

  • Avoid Damaging Covers – RV covers are fabric covers that fit over your RV when it isn’t being used. Instead of covering the RV, it lies on top of it and is in direct contact with the RV itself. The cover is then exposed to the elements. Wind, rain and snow can cause the cover to shift and move, meaning the particles of dust and dirt that may be trapped underneath rub against the surface of your RV. This can lead to scratches and scuffs. Also, if moisture becomes trapped under the cover, it can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. A carport won’t rub and will keep your RV dry and protected.
  • Increase Your Home’s Value – Adding a carport to your home will add value to your home and will be attractive to potential buyers should you choose to sell.
  • Long Lasting – A steel carport will outlast any fabric cover and continue to provide protection for many years. They are durable and can be used continuously and will not take damage or wear out as quickly as other materials and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Protect the RV’s interior – Regardless of the material the interior of your RV is made from, being out in the open and exposed to UV light can lead to damage. The seats, interior fittings and fabric will continuously heat up during the day and cool at night, which can damage not only the material itself but also the adhesives used on them. This can cause separation and fading. A shelter helps to keep the interior in excellent shape.
  • Protection from Rain & Hail – Most RV owners keep their vehicle outside, where it doesn’t have protection from the elements. Over time, rain and hail can damage the vehicle. It may not always be easy to see right away, but it can cause damage. This can come in the form of denting, paint removal, and destroying the shiny polished surface of the RV.
  • Protection from UV Light – UV light can damage the paint, rubber and vinyl on your RV. If it’s left in the sun too long, your paint will begin to gradually fade, creating an aged appearance. This fading is usually uneven, as one part of your RV is often in the sun for longer periods than others. The sun can also crack and disintegrate vinyl and rubber accents and interiors.
  • Provide Great Protection – Your RV was likely an expensive purchase. Because of this, you’ll want to ensure that you protect your investment so it will last for years to come. A steel carport offers excellent protection and will help keep your RV in the best shape.
  • Save on Storage – While storing your RV in a storage facility is an option, it can be expensive. Having your own space saves you the cost and also gives you the peace of mind of being able to check on your RV.

Get the Most Out of Your RV and Carport with Future Buildings

Protecting your RV is essential. For the best protection, choose a carport from Future Buildings. For more information about our carports or other steel building options, get in touch with us. Fill out our online form and request a quote or call 1-800-668-5111 to speak to an expert for your region.

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