Building the Ultimate Steel Carport

Future Buildings Carport

Cars start losing value the minute they leave the lot. If you leave yours parked out on the street, you increase the rate at which it depreciates. Steel carport kits offer an ideal situation. You can use it to put up a carport to keep your car secure and protected from the elements.     There are several advantages of  steel carport kits;

  • Secure

Steel is hardy and not easy to break into. Add a secure lock and your car and other items you store there will always be secure. 

  • Inexpensive

With all the advantages they offer, steel carport kits are an option that is quite affordable. The cost of buying and installing cannot be compared to the cost of having a garage installed or re-modeled to fit a second car, boat, RV or other item you want to store in there. 

  • Hard-wearing

Steel is one of the toughest metals. A carport made of steel will not rust, bend or wear out for a very long time to come.

  • Easy to put up

If you get the right kit, your carport will be up and ready to use in just a few days with the help of a couple of friends. 

  • Steel carport kits are customized 

Another advantage of steel carport kits is that you can get one that suits your specific needs. You can get one in the size you want and in a design that you prefer. If you need to, you can choose a carport that would be big enough for you to park your car and use as a home office or workshop.

Steel carport kits of the future 

All Future Buildings Prefabricated Steel Buildings and Carports have over 40 years of experience. The family-owned and operated business owns the factory where the structures are made which guarantees customers quality workmanship. It also makes it possible to pass on the benefit of low costs to customers. 

Carport structure

Steel carport kits do not need a concrete foundation. They are made of quality posts and can be put up to fit the tightest of spaces. You can choose a carport that is as small as 3.657 m wide or as large as 7.62 m wide. Length is unlimited so your carport can be as small or large as you need it to be.

 Steel carports kits from Future Buildings are also;

  • fire-proof
  • 3 to 6 times stronger than standard steel structures
  • 7 more times rust-resistant than standard galvanized steel
  • ideal for heat reflectivity
  • able to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • come with Certified Engineered Drawings for particular region, property and needs
  • automatically sold with a 30-year warranty against rust perforation

Ahead of the rest 

There are other steel carport kits brands. However, some are imitations and they will disappoint. You can request a free online quote. All you need to do is give details like what you intend to use your structure for, dimensions of the area where you want it installed, location and additional details like the shape and size of your doorways. 

When your kit arrives and you install your carport, refer your friends to the company for a reward. Once the person you refer places their order and makes their payment for steel carport kits or other items, you can score as much as $250 as reward.

Each Future Building is delivered with Certified Engineered Drawings that have been specifically designed for your location, guaranteed to satisfy local regulations. To learn more, use our Contact Us facility, or call 1-800-668-5111.

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