How Steel Carports Outlast the Competition

blog-carport-1Once you have decided on a steel carport, you only have one big decision left to make; what material should you use to construct it. There are several options available, but you would have a hard time beating steel carports, and this is why:

Building with Wood

Wood is an excellent material for building. It is easy to source and relatively cost- efficient. However, once you have the material, you either need to build your carport from the ground up yourself, or hire someone with a bit more expertise. At worst, it could be an extremely unsafe structure that needs to be torn down. A steel carport circumvents this problem easily.

Maintenance is another problem with a wooden structure. The timber needs to be maintained and weatherproofed frequently. And even with the best upkeep in the world, wood will still expand and contract as the weather changes. Steel is much more durable and user-friendly; unlike wood, it will not warp or expand as the weather changes. However, like wood, the steel still needs to be weatherproofed, as do the carport foundations. But, there is no staining, no painting and less maintenance to worry about.

Building with bricks

You can incorporate a range of designs, shapes and other materials into your carport. However, you have many of the same problems as you do with wood when it comes to the building phase. You will also need to find an alternative material for creating the roof of your carport. As well as supporting beams, you will need to source a covering material such as roofing shingle. The cost of the project and of the expert builders required soon begins to mount up.

And while steel also provides you with a range of options when it comes to building shape and design – you can discuss your specific needs with your provider and can add insulation to the roofing to increase the uses of the carport – these design options come with a much lower cost.

Building with Steel

Steel carports are simply the best option. They are cheaper than brick designs and more long-lasting than wood. They can even be customized to suit your specific needs, including size and shape. Every steel carport arrives at your home in kit form, with just minimal assembly required. Once assembled and waterproofed, it will withstand almost anything the world and the weather have to throw at it. In addition, steel, unlike wood is fire-resistant, making it the safer choice. It is also rust and mold resistant, and unlike brick, it will not begin to crumble under damp or humid conditions. If you live in an area known for severe weather conditions, including extreme winds, then you will know the pain of replacing roofing tiles or shingle almost every year. Using steel for your carport means that there is one less roof that will need weatherproofing or maintenance each year.

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