Checklist for Buying a Steel Building

Checklist for Buying a Steel Building

Adding a steel building to your residential property is a big decision – with the right choices a steel building can be a great option for a versatile garage, workshop space, secure storage or other multi-purpose area. If you’re considering purchasing a steel building, keep these key points in mind to make for a smooth experience and easy decisions:  

Size and Style Choices

Whatever use you have in mind for your steel building, you’ll need to be sure you have the right options available when it comes to size, style and use. Find out what the available building sizes are, how much of the interior space will be usable – and if there are options to make adjustments should your needs change somewhere down the road.

The Future Buildings Difference: Our steel building kits can be made in any size you need and allow you a clear span without posts or beams taking up interior space. Your interior and overall structure can be extended in the future; you’ll simply add more arches.  

Meeting Codes

Your location is a vital consideration when it comes to getting the right steel building. Be cautious of “one size fits all” steel building solutions from companies offering mass-produced products or re-sellers; steel buildings need to be compliant with your local building codes and laws.

The Future Buildings Difference: You can rest assured that your Future Buildings steel structure will meet your specific building codes and wind, snow and seismic calculation load requirements. Our qualified engineers provide you certified drawings and ensure compliance of your steel building kit which will be designed and made for your exact location.

Included for Assembly

Set yourself up for success from the start by checking the fine print when it comes to what’s needed for assembly (and included!) with your steel building kit. For example: Are all the pieces pre-cut? Do you require special tools or equipment? Will you need to purchase hardware or engage a team of contractors to assemble your building kit?

The Future Buildings Difference: All our steel building kit pieces are pre-measured, cut and laser punched – from instruction manual to fasteners, it’s all included. Besides maybe a cordless drill and a few friends who can tighten a bolt, you generally won’t need much else to get your basic DIY steel building kit assembled and ready to use.

Learn More About DIY Installation of a Future Buildings Steel Building Kit

Accessory Options

Steel building accessories like windows, doors, and insulation, can truly transform your structure into the fully functional space you need. Make sure you’ll be able to add key accessories you want – whether for design or function. 

The Future Buildings Difference: All our steel building kits are customizable! From coloured end walls to insulation to skylights and more – your steel building kit has a variety of choices when it comes to personalization and you’ll get the big benefit of choosing the accessories that are right for your steel building.

Prices, Guarantees and Warrantees

Your exact location and code requirements are key components to building and pricing the right steel building for your needs. You may find the end price is much different than you expected with custom steel building kit suppliers who advertise exact prices on their products. Also be sure to ask about guarantees and warranties on your building kit, especially when it comes to maintenance requirements or lifespan.

The Future Buildings Difference: Completely tailored to your location, intended use and customization requests, you will only pay for the building that you specifically need – we guarantee this with our “True Pricing” policy. Backed by a 40-year rust perforation warranty and requiring virtually no maintenance, your steel building can be used for years to come.

Customer Reviews

What are real customers saying about their assembled steel building? Take the time to look at customer testimonials or product reviews and be on the lookout for valuable feedback about customer support, delivery, and customers’ overall experience.

The Future Buildings Difference: We fully support our customers from the beginning, through build and finished assembly, and offer ongoing access to our team of qualified engineers, building industry experts and customer service professionals at any time.

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Always custom-made – get the best steel building kit, designed, manufactured and delivered at factory-direct prices by industry leading experts – choose Future Buildings for your new garage, carport, workshop and more.

Request a True Pricing Quote now to get started on your custom steel building today!

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