5 Environmental Benefits of Steel Buildings

Environmental Benefits of Steel Buildings

With durability and high quality, residential customers benefit from choosing steel buildings for storage, carports, garages, workshops and more – but did you know the environment also benefits when you choose a steel building? Learn the top 5 environmental benefits of residential steel outbuildings:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Unlike other materials that quickly wear down and need to be replaced, a Future Buildings garage, workshop or roof is made from the highest quality steel available and built to withstand even the harshest weather, making steel a highly durable long-lasting option.

  • Our steel buildings offer an eco-friendly sustainable material for outbuildings with a low carbon footprint by using at least 80% post-consumer recycled steel fused with our Galvalume PlusTM coating.
  • Your custom steel building kit will arrive ready for assembly, no construction waste is created by measuring or cutting. Your steel outbuilding can even be expanded, reassembled at a new location or recycled at any time.

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Customized Eco-Friendly Options

From walls to doors to roofs and everything in between – designing a custom steel building allows you to position all the outbuilding’s elements for maximum use and efficiency. A custom steel building can be accessorized in several ways allowing you and the environment even more earth-friendly advantages including:

  • Get an extra boost by customizing your steel building with easy-to-install insulation to save even more money on heating costs and environmental impact.
  • Install windows, skylights or dome lights to provide more natural light; solar panels or a wind turbine to maximize renewable energy sources and reduce your use of electricity.

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Pollutant-Free Space

Because steel needs virtually no maintenance, is not an organic material, and does not emit pollutants into the environment’s air or ground, both you and Mother Nature stay healthier:

  • The pest-proof no-maintenance nature of steel buildings means there’s no need to worry about having to spray harsh chemicals, cleaners or pest poisons.
  • Steel buildings are rot, mildew and mold resistant, giving you better indoor air quality and no cause for concern about what you might be breathing in over time.

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Energy Star® Efficiency

The Galvalume PlusTM Steel used by Future Buildings in all our buildings and roofing systems is a qualified Energy Star® roof material for both low-slope and high-slope roofing uses.

  • Installing a roofing system from Future Buildings means you’ll know your roof’s materials have tested and proven reliability, solar reflectance and heat emissivity.
  • The coating on our steel reduces your building’s energy consumption by reflecting heat, keeping your steel building cooler during the summer, and retaining more heat in the winter.

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Conscientious Business

You can feel good about working with Future Buildings for your custom-designed steel building kit. We take care to minimize our eco-footprint as much as possible and build environmental-conscientiousness into our business practices and processes, including:

  • All our steel is sourced from an environmentally conscious steel producer, ArcelorMittal Dofasco, who has invested over $210 million into long-term environmental projects over the last 25 years.
  • Transportation-related environmental impacts are minimized by shipping multiple buildings per delivery, thanks to our efficient methods of packing building systems into very small bundles.

Choosing Future Buildings products means you get the best quality without a high cost to you, or the environment – our fully customized steel buildings are offered at factory-direct pricing. Get started on your dream garage, workshop or more today!

Tell us about your steel building needs and let our experienced team design, manufacture and deliver your custom steel building to you – Request a True Pricing Quote now.

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