Steel Building Accessories

Steel Building Customization Options

Part of the enjoyment of purchasing a steel building kit is selecting accessories to improve the functionality of your structure as well as help to personalize it and make it unique. The team at Future Buildings will help you choose the right components and determine what you need to create a functional and customized structure.

Steel Building Accessories

Customization Accessories

A variety of accessories can help you to customize your steel structures to suit your needs as well as alter the appearance to better match the other buildings on your property. Our selection includes the following:

  • Colored Endwalls – We offer four different colors of silicone-modified polyester paints for the endwalls of your steel buildings. These are forest green, Sahara tan, walnut brown, and stone white. Plain steel is also available as an option. Each color option is also available to be used on the trim.
  • Skylights – While our steel buildings are naturally brighter than many other traditional post and beam buildings, we also offer skylights to provide additional natural light. Each of our panels are created with heavy-duty fiberglass and come in a variety of colors. They are available in any length up to 10 feet and in a standard 2-foot width.
  • Building Insulation – Insulation helps to provide comfort for your structure year-round. It also helps to lower your energy bills, absorb sound and helps with the buildup of condensation. We offer polypropylene insulation, which is a white vapor-lock composite that is lightweight and great for repair shops and workshops.
  • Turbine Vents – Extra ventilation is essential if you plan to use your structure as a garage or workshop. Turbine vents help to ventilate the paint and exhaust fumes that come with operating one of these businesses.
  • Man Doors – These doors are used for people as opposed to the wider sliding doors. We offer man doors in various styles that are made of steel to ensure security and also fire retardant.
  • Sliding Doors – Our sliding doors are made from Galvalume Plus steel and covered by our 30-year limited rust-perforation warranty. All of the hardware is heavy duty to ensure longevity
  • Foundation Options – While the foundation is not supplied, we recommend two different options. A permanent foundation is a concrete base laid at the site. A portable foundation is unique to our style of building and is created from heavy duty 14-gauge steel. It is then attached to a solid foundation.

Frame Customization Options

  • Clear-Span Frames – A clear-span frame contains unobstructed interior space, and is used often for aircraft hangars, arenas and warehouses.
  • Multi-Span Frames – A multi-span frame is used when an internal bearing is needed.
  • Lean-To Frames – A lean-to frame is used primarily for expansions or extensions. Often, they are used to add office or storage space on larger buildings.

Design a Custom Steel Building Using Our Accessories

The variety of accessories available for our steel buildings help to create a structure that is truly your own and perfect for any needs you have. Every building from Future Buildings is durable and includes prefabricated pieces to ensure a simple construction process.

If you are interested in learning more about our pre-engineered metal and steel buildings, reach out to us by filling out our online form to request a quote or calling us directly at 1-800-668-5111 to speak immediately to an expert for your region.

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