5 Reasons to Get a Future Building Steel Garage Kit

Design, size, materials, labour…there’s a lot to consider if you’re in the market for a new garage or workshop! From safety to space, to style and more, learn some of the many reasons a custom steel garage kit may be the best choice for your next DIY home project:

1. Safety & Security

Made from the best steel available worldwide, all Future Buildings garage kits are made from Galvalume PlusTM steel and are treated with a highly corrosion-resistant zinc alloy. Backed with a 40-year rust perforation warranty, this steel’s unbeatable durability offers your garage the ultimate protection where:

  • You can safely enjoy a range of hobbies such as woodworking, welding and automotive repair;
  • Belongings, automobiles or recreational vehicles being stored will remain secure from potential pests, rot and mildew.

Learn more about what makes steel a superior building material choice for versatility, durability and strength.

2. Convenience & Comfort

Many homeowners need a garage to ensure they keep their hobbies and workshop spaces detached from their home. Our unique truss-less building kit is designed for easy assembly and allows you to gain a new fully usable interior space within your existing property:

  • Conveniently separate hobbies, home-business supplies, dangerous materials or projects from your residential dwelling, children and pets, while boosting the value of your property with a new building;
  • Work comfortably year-round, through snowy North American winters or scorching summers – our steel buildings offer high heat reflectivity, making them cooler during the summer months and retaining more heat during the winter.

Adding an easy-to-install insulation kit, or even a heating or air conditioning system offers even more temperature control for your garage! Learn about optional steel building kit accessories here.

3. Sized & Styled Your Way

Choosing a completely custom garage Future Building kit allows you to decide on and personalize virtually every component of your new garage, from the overall building size and model, to end-walls and more:

  • Size your garage kit to suit your needs – big or small, we can design and manufacture your garage in a range of sizes, whether you’re looking for a straight-forward single-car garage, or one large enough to accommodate multiple vehicle and entry points;
  • You can fully personalize the interior of your garage to suit your needs and choose accessories that complement how you’ll be using your garage.

Learn more about the features of a Future Buildings garage kit, and browse steel garage kit models and photos from customers.

4. Cost-Effective Solution

All our steel garage kits are delivered with everything you need to install your building. With pre-cut and punched panels, you won’t waste materials during assembly, and there’s no need to hire a crew or rent expensive equipment – your basic garage kit can be installed over a weekend with the help of a cordless drill and a friend or two:

  • If your needs change down the road and you want to expand your building, you can simply add more arches – there’s no need to undertake a long or costly renovation project;
  • Enjoy your steel garage for years to come, with virtually no maintenance required to keep your garage in great shape.

Start here to learn about considerations for and get some ideas about your custom garage kit or other steel building.

5. Confidence & Credibility

Future Buildings is a Canadian-based, family owned and operated company with over 35 years in business. We have significant experience in designing and manufacturing steel buildings for a wide range of customers, both for residential and commercial projects:

  • Your steel garage kit will be made specifically to meet the snow, wind and seismic loads for your building’s exact location. Our in-house engineers are licensed across North America. Before your building arrives you will receive blueprints in accordance with your local buildings codes.
  • Each custom garage kit is designed, manufactured and priced according to each customer’s unique project. You can rest assured that you will get the building you need, want and can afford.

Ready to stop just dreaming of that custom garage? We’re here to help you bring your vision to life!

Request your free True Pricing Quote today to connect with a Building Specialist for your area and get your project underway.

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