8 Tips for Installing a DIY Steel Building Kit

Choosing a custom steel building kit designed and fabricated by Future Buildings allows you to get the perfect steel building for your garage, carport, workshop or other project. If you’re getting ready to erect your basic DIY steel building kit, check out our 8 installation tips!

Before You Start Installation

1. Make Time

Future Buildings’ DIY basic building kits can be assembled and raised when it suits you. Some of our customers find they can have their smaller building completed in as little as a few days.

2. Get Familiar

The manual supplied with your steel building kit contains detailed information about how to correctly install it. Since each structure is engineered to meet your exact custom requirements, you’ll need to follow the directions supplied precisely. Be sure to read your manual thoroughly before getting started and refer to the manual throughout your assembly process. We also have a technical support team available toll-free to answer any question as it arises.

3. Clear Space

In addition to ensuring your foundation base has cured, make certain you have enough unobstructed space to unload and store the parts of your building during installation – and sufficient room to move around and work in.

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4. Good Buddies

For some of our smaller-sized buildings, plan to recruit a few good handy friends to help you over a couple of days to get your steel building kit installed. Pizza and a few post-assembly snacks can go a long way in making the memories great too!

5. Right Tools

Because your steel building kit will arrive to you already precut and punched with all the pieces you need, there’s no welding or drilling involved. You will want to get yourself a few other things that will be in the average handyman-DIYer toolbox such as cordless drill, and probably some chains or ropes for raising your building arches. For larger buildings it’s helpful to have a forklift to off-load building’s pallets at the time of delivery. Proper use of tools and safety equipment are also a must!

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During Your Installation

6. Easier Completion

The arch panels in your building kit have a 9” flat overlap to ensure a watertight seal, and correct installation of your building’s fasteners are key. Installing the fasteners is not a difficult task, but it is important you avoid tightening your bolts until your building is completely erected.

7. Taking a Break

When you and your friends are ready to call it a day, be sure to brace any pieces of your building frame to prevent any movement or damage while your structure is mid-assembly.

8. Call for Support

A DIY building kit installation doesn’t mean you’re all on your own. Our certified engineers have designed your building kit to meet the specific codes and load requirements for your area, and our technical support team is a phone call away at all points of your project. Whether you have questions about your order, delivery or installation – we’re here for you – just call us at 1-800-387-2343!

Feel the satisfaction of a job well-done and a steel building customized to your exact needs and wants – we’re here to help you with a durable building you can enjoy for years to come!

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