Large Workshops

We have a wide range of metal workshop building kits to fit your needs. Our kits come with a variety of features and hundreds of customization options. You can also add insulation and ventilation, enhancing the shop’s functionality no matter what you’re doing. Each prefab workshop kit is easy and quick to assemble, even if you have no previous construction experience.

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The Benefits Metal & Steel for Large Workshops

If you need a new workshop, our prefab metal kits offer many benefits, including:

Wide Range of Uses For Steel Workshops

Our metal workshop kits can be used for numerous applications. In addition to traditional workshop activities, you could also use the building as an office, warehouse, or garage.

Fast and Simple Construction

Because our metal workshops come prefabricated from our factory, they are easy to assemble on-site, thereby shortening your construction period.

Open Space and Versatility

Because of our customization options, you can design your workshop to be the exact size you need. The open interior means there are no walls to get in your way, providing you with all the space you need.

Durable Structures

Metal is one of the best materials to build your workshop from because its resistant to rust, corrosion, rot, and infestation. It’s also one of the most durable materials, which means fewer repairs over the lifespan of your building.

I bought a 35x60x20 X model from Future Buildings late last fall. The quality of the building is amazing. It was easy to assemble and is very sturdy. It really is a DIY product but in my case I did get some heavy equipment to help along with a few good friends. I absolutely love this building! I finally have my workshop! I would not hesitate to recommend Future Buildings to anyone. Their expertise and help made it a great experience.

Pascal P.

Casselman, ON

Sizes of Our Metal Workshop Buildings

We design your workshop to suit your location and intended use. If you need to expand in the future, adding arches to increase the length is simple. Adding accessories to bring comfort and convenience to the interior of your metal workshop is smart and practical. Many of our customers have turned their Future Buildings workshop into their own small business.

Width: 30’ to 50’ are the standard widths. If you need something wider, request it in the online quote or reach out to our building specialists.

Length: The arch construction system allows for a building of any length. They are easy to add to in the future, so you can grow the structure as your needs change.

Happy New Year folks. Thank you for the great service. We’re looking forward to getting our second building up soon. The two folks I’ve dealt with at this company, Dawn and Jason are the reason I will always be a happy customer.

Ron V

Get a Customizable Large Metal Workshop

If you’re in need of a large workshop, be sure to reach out to the building specialists at Future Buildings. We can help you customize your metal workshop kit to ensure that it meets all your specific needs. Request a free quote or give us a call at 1-800-688-5111 today.