Where are the Steel Building Prices?

If you browse our website you’ll notice that there aren’t any prices listed. This is not a mistake but unfortunately there’s no way around it and here’s why…

As one of the largest steel building manufacturers our structures are located everywhere from Nunavut (in the Canadian arctic), to Nigeria. Each building is designed with the customers requirements in mind so the thousands of different building codes and structural requirements that our customers’ face means that each building has different considerations and pricing.

If you purchase a building kit from your local hardware store, or have a contractor build one from wood, there’s no guarantee that the structure will meet the building codes or structural requirements for your region. This can lead to huge issues at your local permit office which can legally force you to remove unfit structures immediately after you put them up!

We at Future Buildings pride ourselves in having an experienced team of engineers and building consultants who use their knowledge and expertise to ensure your Future Building will work for you and your building codes. Our in-house engineers take into consideration all of the structural requirements for your location then send you a set of certified engineered drawings. These can prove to your local building office that everything is up to code.

We’ll take the headaches and guesswork out of your next building project and support is always just a call away!

Our buildings may be customized but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to get a quote for your dream building. You can request a steel building quote online or give us a call at 1-800-668-5111 to receive a quote from a knowledgeable steel building consultant today!

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