Combo Garages

By adding some extra space to your garage, you can use it for more than just housing vehicles. You can create a workshop, dedicate space to storage, incorporate a home gym, set up a personal retreat, or add a loft where you can work from home or place a spare bed. The possibilities are limitless.

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Applications of Our Combo Prefab Steel Garages

Many garages available on the market are a one-size-fits-all model, which may not suit your needs. By choosing a steel garage from Future Buildings, you have the opportunity to decide the exact size you want, select the style that appeals to you and work directly with a specialist to design a structure that best suits your needs.

Our prefab garage kits are easy to assemble, offer unmatched quality, and can save you money over time. Our building experts work closely with you to customize your steel garage to ensure that it is suitable for the uses you have in mind. They can help you determine the best accessories, recommend insulation, and identify the best building style to accommodate your needs. Each of our structures is designed to meet the wind, snow, and seismic loads in your area and offer resistance against fire, pests, and mold.

Many of our customers have combined their garage with other practical and personal uses of space, including:

Including dedicated storage space in your garage means that you will be able to store items that need protection against the elements without taking up room in your home. You can use the space to keep vehicle accessories like seasonal tires, holiday decorations, lawn equipment, old children’s toys, bicycles, and more.

Home Expansion

If you want to add to your home but do not have the space, combining it with your garage can be a great option. You can add a home gym, a personal retreat with a television and couches for friends, a home office away from the regular noise inside your house, a games room, or a spare bedroom. For many of these applications, it is recommended to add insulation to your garage to help keep the temperature comfortable for the people and equipment inside.

Combining the garage with a workshop can be an excellent option for those who like working on cars. This allows you to easily park the vehicles inside, within range of your tools. The fire-resistant nature of steel means you do not have to worry about the fire risks that come with using torches or tools that spark. The open interior of a steel garage gives you the space to incorporate a lift if needed without worrying about interfering with support beams.


There are so many ways that you can use a carport and garage combo. If you have multiple vehicles, you can park one in the garage and store the other under the carport. This is perfect if you have a vintage or valuable car you wish to keep protected and still require protection for your everyday vehicle. You can also use the carport to park a car while using the garage as a repair shop.

A carport is also a perfect way to create a covered outdoor space. You can enjoy relaxing with patio furniture under the carport, use it to cover a pool or create a place for kids or pets that is safe from rain and harsh sunlight.

Shouse (Shop House)

If you have a job or hobby that frequently requires the use of tools and shop space, it can be worthwhile to turn your garage into a shop house, also known as a shouse. By combining your shop and living space, you can keep your equipment and tools in one place and enjoy access to your projects anytime without worrying about shop hours or rental fees. You can also expand the length of your building any time, allowing you to grow as your needs change.

Advantages of Our Prefab Combo Garages

By choosing our prefab garage kit, you can experience several advantages over traditional wood or brick structures. Some of these include:

  • Customizable – Because of how versatile steel is as a material, we can customize your garage in many ways to fit your specific needs.
  • Durable – Steel is resistant against mold, rot, termites, and fire, making it a better option than wood. Steel is also more likely to withstand extreme weather over a long period.
  • Low Maintenance – Since steel is not susceptible to many damaging factors, it has fewer maintenance requirements or repairs, saving time and money. Additionally, the structures come with a 40-year rust perforation warranty.

Get Your Garage Combo with Us

If you’re interested in a steel garage, then be sure to reach out to our building specialists by calling 1-800-668-5111 today. You can also learn more about our steel garage kits or submit an online request for a free quote.