Residential Steel Buildings

Residential Steel Buildings Built on Integrity

When looking at materials to build your home or residential structure, steel is an excellent option. There are many benefits when it comes to choosing steel, including:

Benefits of our Residential Steel Buildings

  • Can design to include a garage section to store cars, trucks, boats, RVs, trailers and other recreational vehicles.
  • Create open interiors without the need for interior support walls or columns.
  • Custom-designed to meet individual needs and meet industry standards.
  • Customizable to fit your needs with the option to add a variety of accessories and features including windows, doors, skylights, ventilation, insulation and more.
  • Eco-friendly and green material. Steel can be recycled countless times and is sustainable. You can build with recycled steel and be confident knowing that if you no longer need the structure, the materials can be recycled and used in future projects.
  • Plenty of indoor storage for all your belongings.
  • Save time and money on home construction.
  • Stronger than traditional home building materials.

Each residential steel structure is created and designed specifically for your needs, making them ideal for whatever it is you need.

The residential steel buildings designed by Future Buildings are perfect for structures such as:

  • Additional Housing – Create a private space for overnight guests, parents, in-laws or adult children to live or stay when visiting or for extended periods.
  • Carports – Protect your vehicles from the elements with a steel carport.
  • Garages and Equipment Storage – Store vehicles and other items such as lawn care equipment in a detached steel garage.
  • Home – Steel is an excellent building material for your home and allows you to create the space of your dreams exactly how you’d like with more freedom than traditional materials.
  • Man or Woman Cave – Create the ideal retreat for you and your friends, fully customized to your specifications.
  • Storage Sheds – Keep things on your property but out of your way in a storage shed.
  • Workshops – Add additional space to your property to be able to work on your hobbies or business.

For examples of our past structures and to gather inspiration for your own residential steel building, view our gallery.

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