A Steel Building Home with Room for Fun

With country music stars it’s go big or go home. That’s what happened when one of our favorite singers (who won’t be named for privacy reasons) contacted us with plans to build a Californian home for his mother.

He wanted a beautiful home with added storage for all their toys. This may seem challenging but our versatile S-Style steel building came to the rescue and proved to be the perfect solution.

A piece of land in sunny California was chosen then the building was assembled and wood framing was used to separate the building into two parts – one part home, one part fun.

The residential section was insulated, drywalled and fixtures were added including custom oak cabinetry in the kitchen, recessed ceiling fans throughout, and a large master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom.

The fun part had some additional space added by installing shelving and a second floor mezzanine.

If you’re interested in a steel building home we’d love to hear your plans. Our engineers have years of experience in residential buildings and can help you build the future home of your dreams.

Give us a call at 1-800-668-5111 or tell us your plans with a quote request.

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