Residential Steel Building Myths Debunked

Adding an outside storage building to your residential property can be a big decision, and getting the perfect garage, workshop or storage shed can feel like an endless to-do list. Many homeowners have heard about steel buildings but don’t know about their advantages and options, or they have misconceptions about steel buildings.

If you’re considering whether a steel outbuilding may be right for your home project, read on to separate fact from fiction when it comes to residential steel buildings.

Myth: Steel buildings are only for commercial use.

Busted: Steel buildings have endless uses for home owners and come in a variety of styles. While some steel building fabricators serve only large commercial clients, at Future Buildings nothing could be further from the truth. From small sheds to carports and beyond, we’re proud to offer solutions to residential customers as well as commercial operators.

Myth: Residential metal building sizes are limited.

Busted: Home-use of metal buildings can be small steel sheds for storage space of personal and seasonal items, but Future Buildings can custom manufacture any size of steel building you need. Some other common home uses of steel buildings include (but of course are not limited to):

  • Workshops and studios;
  • Garages and carports;
  • Boat and RV storage buildings;
  • Livestock and agriculture barns.

… the list doesn’t stop there – the size and style of your custom steel building is dictated by you! Our experienced engineers are licensed in over 60 jurisdictions across North America, so you can rest assured that our industry professionals are certified to design a building that will meet your needs.

Myth: Steel sheds aren’t durable, and they’re prone to rust.

Busted: Our steel buildings are extremely durable and sturdy and they can withstand North American climates from coast to coast, through rain, sleet and snow.

All steel buildings we manufacture are made from Galvalume PlusTM Steel, which means Future Buildings’ structures are 3-6 times thicker than traditional steel buildings and 7 times more rust resistant than steel buildings made from regular galvanized steel. We use the best grade steel in the industry, and back our buildings with a 30-year rust perforation warranty.

Your building project includes a detailed building and foundation drawing certified by a professional engineer who is licensed in your province or state. Our building specialists will work with you to understand the climate factors of where you live, how you’ll use your steel building, and any other details you’d like to incorporate (more on that soon!).

Myth: Buying a steel building kit means I can’t change anything.

Busted: We know one-size-fits-all doesn’t work for most people. When we say our steel buildings are completely customizable we mean it! In addition to choosing the size and building style/shape, our customers have a lot of choices to personalize their steel building kit:

  • Windows and doors;
  • Colored end-walls;
  • Insulation types;
  • Ventilation options;
  • Portable or permanent foundations.

…with so many combination possibilities, deciding on a steel building may be the easy part. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through everything!

Myth: Storage sheds and steel buildings are uncomfortable, and an eyesore.

Busted: With an exterior that you can easily paint, front and end walls that can be customized with siding, and skylights options to brighten the interior (without adding electricity costs), a steel building is far from being an unattractive lawn ornament.

When it comes to comfort, steel buildings can’t be beat. The truss-less design of our steel buildings means you have a 100% usable interior, allowing you to take full advantage of the space. Adding insulation to your steel building brings added benefits of extra warmth in the winter and cooler temperatures in the summer – not to mention reducing unwanted noise.

Myth: Residential steel buildings are unaffordable.

Busted: We understand that having your own customized steel building can sound expensive, but because Future Buildings has their own manufacturing facility we offer our customers factory-direct prices. Unlike purchasing a mass-produced steel building kit, you won’t have to pay for anything you don’t need, use or want, and buying direct allows you to save money.

Myth: Steel building kits are difficult to put together and take a lot of time.

Busted: At Future Buildings we know that not everyone has construction experience, so the thought of taking on a DIY project of any size can seem overwhelming. All our basic garage and storage buildings come to you in a kit form with pre-drilled and pre-cut steel panels and only one size bolt required, no measuring or cutting is needed for assembly.

A cordless drill and (depending on the size of your building) a friend or two might come in handy, but if you can raise around 25 pounds each, you’ll make a great team and generally have your basic steel building assembled within a matter of days.

Our engineers and customer care team are here to help you through every step – don’t hesitate to call if you have a question putting your steel building kit together.

Future Buildings has been helping residential and commercial customers “building for their future” for over 40 years. Our engineering staff and customer care team treat each building we manufacture with the utmost care and attention to detail, as though it were our own.

Get your one-of-a-kind steel building started today – request a Future Buildings True Pricing quote now!

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