How Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Beat Other Construction Types

How Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Beat Other Construction TypesAre you looking to become the new owner of a pre-engineered steel building? Prefab metal buildings have become the go-to choice for modern builders for a variety of reasons. Unlike traditional structures that rely on conventional labor-intensive construction methods that leave a lot to finish on site, prefabs come already cut to size. This leaves little margin for error, and the final product is ready to build.

Today, you can complete an elegant prefab metal garage quickly and have the option to take it down whenever you need to move elsewhere. You can also find prefab building kits used to make various structures from storage units to offices and more. Prefab metal buildings require no measuring, sawing, or leveling.

Pre-Engineered Buildings Dominate the Market

Pre-engineered buildings are quite trendy, and the market for these constructions is continuing to expand. According to a 2019 research report by Grand View, the global sales for pre-engineered buildings is poised to reach $30.8 billion before 2025, with the North American market seeing a 13.9% compound annual growth rate. As the global market was $9.7 billion back in 2017, such projections imply that PEBs will dominate the market for the foreseeable future. But how do they compare to other constructions?

How Prefab Metal Buildings Outshine Conventional Construction

Here are the eleven ways pre-engineered buildings beat the competition:

1. Aesthetically Pleasing

Pre-engineered buildings are neat and require no modification. Although there are several beautiful pre-engineered building styles to choose from, you can also come up with custom designs and ideas. The final construction is visually appealing and can be polished and decorated with various elements. You can also customize the front wall to have the structure look nicer. It all depends on the building you are constructing. Nonetheless, prefabricated metal buildings offer great visual appeal.

2. Strong

Prefab metal buildings are made from heavy gauge steel produced under strict industry guidelines. This makes them quite strong, so your building will be able to support whatever purpose you intend to use it for. You can expect a more durable structure than most standard construction materials.

3. Durable

Metal buildings are resistant to most wear and tear elements, so they tend to offer more years of service compared to wood, plastic, concrete and other construction materials. A standard pre-engineered steel building can withstand various weather conditions and offers more durability to a variety of elements. It also requires minimal maintenance and is designed to last many years. They are some of the most durable building constructions available.

4. Simple

The simplicity of prefabricated metal buildings draws many, including homeowners and business people. All parts fit perfectly into place, and there are markings to help you install your structure quickly. This is why you can find DIY prefab metal building kits that are simple enough to install without professional help. Most small-scale projects can be done with a few people.

5. Safe

Their sheer stability and strength make prefabricated metal buildings a natural choice for anyone seeking safe constructions. Each component is designed to join together perfectly and offer high levels of strength.

6. Versatile

There are several types of pre-engineered metal buildings available in the market. From simple storage units to garages, car parks and retail storefronts, prefab metal buildings can be used for a myriad of applications. If you can dream it, prefabricated steel manufacturers can create it using quality pre-cut steel parts.

7. Quick

Pre-engineered metal buildings do not require any modifications, such as sawing, leveling or trimming at the job site. Every piece arrives ready for assembly, so most projects are quick to complete. Complex projects that involve several buildings may take longer, but not as long as it would take with wooden frames and other construction materials.

8. Predictable

You can envision how you want your building to look and create it exactly as you imagined. The final design is always exactly what is promised. Strength, performance and longevity are also easy to assess.

9. Available

Prefabricated metal buildings are readily available and are becoming very popular in many places, especially in North America. Steel is one of the most abundant materials and dealing with reputable companies like Future Buildings will guarantee quality.

10. Green

Unlike wood and plastic, steel does not pose a significant threat to the environment. The pieces can last for many years and can be reused. You can also set up the building elsewhere if needed and recycle the structure when you no longer need it. Steel is recyclable and leaves a smaller footprint on the environment compared to other standard construction materials.

11. Economical

Prefabrication is very economical in terms of resource utilization. Since no modifications and trimming is required at the job site, the process has no waste. You can also disassemble the structure and reassemble it on another piece of land, making it very cost-effective. It is the only option that removes all forms of waste and also reduces the labor required to complete construction.

Factory-Made Buildings Outshine Field-Fabricated Construction

Prefabricated metal buildings are completed at the factory. The only thing left is to bolt the different components together as intended. Since they are made in the factory, you can enjoy various added benefits. These include:

Assuring High-Quality Construction Materials

The steel used in your pre-engineered metal building is created under strict industry guidelines, so every piece has a known strength and performance level. This eliminates any guesswork, ensuring consistent quality parts for the construction.

Assuring the Quality of the Building Pieces

When you receive the pre-engineered building parts, they arrive labeled and marked for quick identification. The steel arches are also ready for assembly, requiring quick bolting to complete. This reduces field related errors since there are no on-site modifications required. The building pieces fit perfectly with no strain or alteration to its prefabricated structure.

Get High-Quality Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings from Future Buildings

With a pre-engineered building, everything arrives from the factory precisely cut, requiring simple bolting together to complete the structure. There is no muss, fuss or waste. However, several choices are available when looking to complete construction, so it is essential to compare your options. What type of building are you constructing? Where will it be placed? What will you use it for? These are just a few questions to ask before beginning construction. Future Buildings is dedicated to providing premium quality prefabricated steel building kits and installation services. You can choose from a wide range of styles or browse our pre-engineered steel buildings to pick your favorite. Contact us today to order or for any inquiries about custom prefab metal buildings.

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