DIY Steel Building Installation

Can You Erect a Steel Building Yourself?

Purchasing a steel building kit is a great idea that will meet any need you have while also helping you to save money. While you may think that you need to hire a team to build your steel structure, the reality is, you can do it yourself.

DIY Steel Building Installation

Prepare the Ground for Your New Steel Building

Always keep in mind that preparing the ground and base is the first step when building a steel structure. Ensuring the ground is ready is essential before you begin building. Be sure that you have any necessary permits or permissions and that the land is stable enough to support your structure. The space should be level and flat both for safety and also for proper water drainage. Making sure this step is done right is essential as it dictates how the rest of your build will go.

Steel Building Installation

When the preparation has been completed, you can begin to put your building kit together. It would help to take some time to become familiar with the construction before you start and that you have all your pieces laid out. Often, you won’t need any heavy equipment, and you can construct the building with regular tools and some friends.

Why A Prefabricated Steel Building Is the Best Choice

A prefabricated building from Future Buildings can be a great choice, no matter what you need the structure for. View our blog for more information about the variety of benefits a steel building can offer.

Mistakes to Avoid During Your Future Steel Buildings Installation

  • Erecting the Steel Building Without A Manual – The manual that we supply with your steel building kit contains information about how to correctly build it. As each structure is engineered to meet your custom requirements, following the instructions supplied is essential. Consult back to the drawings provided to ensure you are building it correctly.
  • Beginning on An Un-Prepared Job Site – Be sure that the concrete base has cured and there are no obstructions on the site. There should be enough space to unload and store all the parts if necessary.
  • Not Using Proper Safety Equipment – Safety is the most important thing and is the responsibility of everyone on the site. Be sure to wear the proper safety equipment and use the tools and equipment correctly.
  • Cutting to Fit – Each piece that comes in your steel building kit has been manufactured in the correct shape and size, eliminating the need to cut or weld anything.
  • Not Bracing the Frame – If you’ve decided to call it a night, be sure you brace any pieces of the frame to prevent damage from the wind while the structure is not yet complete.
  • Installing Fasteners Incorrectly – Be sure that you are aware of how to properly install the fasteners. While it is not a difficult task, it is easy to mess up if you are not paying attention. These fasteners are essential for proper sealing.

Shop Our Range of DIY Steel Building Kits

Every building from Future Buildings is durable, made to your specifications and includes prefabricated pieces to ensure a simple construction process.

If you are interested in learning more about our pre-engineered metal and steel buildings or installation process, reach out to us by filling out our online form to request a quote or calling us directly at 1-800-668-5111 to speak immediately to an expert for your region.

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