The Benefits of Commercial Steel Buildings

When the time comes to build a new structure, many commercial businesses look to the steel building industry. A steel building can be designed to fit practically any need that a commercial operation requires.

Commercial Steel Buildings

Choosing to build with steel is an excellent choice for a variety of reasons. It is an eco-friendly material, and able to be recycled if needed. When accompanied with high-grade insulation, your structure will be energy-efficient with better noise control, helping you to save money and feel good about your environmental impact.

Along with these benefits, the steel frame is able to withstand a variety of weather extremes and is resistant to fires, mold and pests. A steel building will maintain its aesthetic appeal for a longer time than wooden structures.

Prefabricated Steel Building Kits

At Future Buildings, our steel building kits are prefabricated, meaning each piece is cut, welded and the holes already drilled when it arrives to you. This allows the structure to be built quickly, reducing the overall construction time. While you can utilize a professional framing team to erect the building, it is also possible for a small group of individuals to construct a smaller basic design building.

There are a variety of building styles available to suit your particular needs and the style you are looking to achieve. There is also the option to add coloured endwalls and trim, as well as additional accessories such as skylights and vents depending on the look you want and the necessary requirements.

Building Uses

A commercial steel building from Future Buildings has nearly limitless applications, and our customers have created beautiful and unique spaces using our structures. Some popular options include the following:

  • Commercial aircraft hangars
  • Office buildings
  • Medical clinics
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Self-storage facilities
  • Vehicle dealerships, repair shops, car washes, or tire stores
  • Vet clinics and animal hospitals

Our steel buildings have also been used to assist communities in a time of need, such as what happened in the northern Canadian town of Kugaaruk.

Create Your Business with Future Buildings

Our commercial structures are able to suit any needs and requirements you may have in your industry. We guarantee all our kits with a 40-year rust perforation warranty. Each building will also come with engineer certified drawings. You can fill out our online form to request a quote or contact us toll-free at 1-800-668-5111. We will be happy to assist you in selecting the right option for your business.

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