A Future Building Assists in a Northern Crisis

We’re thankful to be able to provide thousands of people each year with buildings which meet their requirements, but nothing makes us prouder then when one of our buildings is able to assist a community at a time of need.

This is what happened recently in Kugaaruk Nunavut (Northern Canada) when a tidal heave caused sea water to wash into the town’s fresh water reservoir. As a result the water was impotable with a salt content of four to five times the accepted standards.

In response the city began importing water from outside sources as well as setting up small distillers. Keeping this clean drinking water above freezing is no easy task in the frigid north but thankfully they had a Future Buildings’ steel building. The S-Model steel building conveniently doubled as both a storage building and distribution center for the fresh drinking water.

Read the original story as covered by the CBC at Kugaaruk working to restore fresh water supply

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