5 Steel Building Kit Safety Benefits

We know and share safety as a top priority when planning your building project – whether you’re adding a new garage, workshop, storage shed or other type of outbuilding. Steel building kits afford you and your belongings a high level of protection and reliability. Read on to learn more about our steel building safety benefits:

1. Engineered for Your Location

Concerned about wind ratings? See heavy snows each winter? High-seismic activity zone? We have solutions.

Serving customers throughout Canada and the USA, we know that no two locations are precisely alike when it comes to the climate your building will need to stand up to. Our engineers are licensed in over 60 jurisdictions across North America and each of our building kits are engineered to meet the specific wind, snow and seismic loads for the exact location they will be installed.

All Future Buildings roof structures and building kits are designed to comply with your local state or province’s design code requirements and come with wet sealed engineered drawings.

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2. Designed for Your Use

Need to store seasonal vehicles? Work on your classic cars? Maybe you’re housing livestock? We can help.

Steel building kits serve a wide variety of needs that a “one size fits all” approach simply cannot match. Understanding how your building will be used allows our team of experts to appropriately match the gauge of steel needed for your project during the in-house design and factory fabrication process.

Future Buildings steel is acquired directly from ArcelorMittal Dofasco, ensuring consistent quality steel (and optimal pricing) that our customers can rely on.

3. Store, Move & Work Freely

Adding a steel building to your property allows you to protect your belongings from the elements and theft, and conveniently store machinery or hazardous materials such as fuels or solvents away from your home. With many sizing options and an arched building design, choosing a Future Buildings custom steel building kit will allow you to order a building large enough to ensure you have the space you need to move around freely, perform a range of hobbies, and house virtually any equipment or vehicles without being crowded or obstructed by overhead beams.

Customization options including the style of door that best fits your needs and optional accessories such as window openings and turbine vents, offer ease of access and reassurance that your building project is not compromising comfort or safety.

No project is too big or too small – Future Buildings is proud to offer our dedicated care and expertise to residential customers and companies alike. Learn about some of our commercial solution steel building projects here.

4. Durability & Resistance

Wondering how long-term your building investment will be? Worried about rust? We’ve got you covered.

The durability of steel is unmatched, especially compared with building materials such as wood or brick. Common concerns such as susceptibility to fire, water damage, pests and mildew can be put to rest when choosing a steel building, thanks to steel’s superior natural resistance to these safety concerns.

Made from GalvalumePlusTM steel, Future Buildings structures are 6 times stronger than traditional buildings, and are treated with a zinc alloy, making them 7 times more resistant to rust than regular galvanized steel. Future Buildings customers can feel confident with their purchase, knowing their building kit will come backed with a 40-year rust perforation warranty.

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5. Environmentally Responsible

Don’t want construction mess? Looking to keep your utilities bills low? We have great options for you.

Steel buildings are an eco-friendly product, made from sustainable material and produced with a low carbon footprint, giving you a pollutant-free safe and secure space. Future Buildings also takes environmental-conscientiousness into account with processes such as our efficient building delivery system and DIY design of our building kits that ensures no construction waste is created.

Our Building Specialists and friendly customer support team are here to help make your dream project come to life – on time, on budget and above all, with your comfort and safety top of mind. Chat with us about your project needs today at 1-800-668-5111.

Request your free True Pricing Quote and get your steel building kit started today!

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