5 Myths About Steel Buildings

steel-vs-wood-wallDue to its flexibility, versatility and strength, steel is an extremely popular building material. There are, however, a few negative myths about buildings made out of steel that may cause you to second guess your decision to use steel for your next construction endeavor or home add-on. Before you turn away, however, you should look at the facts, because you wouldn’t want to pass up on the perfect building material for your project because you were misinformed. That is why we are going to take a look at — and debunk — five common myths about steel buildings. 

1. Steel buildings can’t look good

In all likelihood, this myth started circulating as images of old, rundown industrial buildings became a popular site for urban and industrial photographers. 

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, however, steel is one of the most versatile, flexible building materials out there; this means that it can be shaped to look however you want. In other words, a steel building can look amazing. Also, you can easily finish a steel building with concrete or another material.

2. Steel buildings are noisy

When you slap a sheet of steel, it is going to make a loud, resounding noise. This fact has precipitated the myth that a steel building will be equally noisy.

However, a properly insulated steel building is actually much quieter than a building made of other materials. It is so quiet, in fact that even the clattering sound of hail or thunderstorm debris can be mostly muted.

3. It is too difficult to manage the climate in steel buildings

The origin of this myth is uncertain, but it likely comes from the fact that metal is generally known to fight changes in temperature.

The above fact, however, is a good thing when it comes to managing your indoor climate. For example, a properly insulated steel building will prevent thermal exchanges with the outside air during the wintertime, which makes it much easier for your heating system to keep the indoor area warm. During the summertime, the roof of steel buildings will literally send the incoming heat away, as its naturally reflective surface bounces the sun’s rays back into the sky.

4. Steel buildings cost too much

The upfront costs of steel buildings is sometimes higher than those of other materials; this leads people to believe that steel is too expensive as a building material.

However, even when it is more expensive initially, a steel building actually saves its owner a lot of money in the long run. This is due to the fact that a steel building requires very little maintenance and even fewer repairs. In addition, thanks to the flexible nature of steel, upgrading a steel building is much less expensive than with other materials.

5. Steel buildings will melt too easily

We’re not sure where this myth started, but it definitely makes the least sense out of all of the myths on this list.

Steel has a melting point of about 2,500 degrees F. This means that few heat sources that will ever assault a steel building will phase it. This includes intense sunlight and even fires.

Steel is an excellent material for your next building; don’t let a falsehood cause you to make the wrong decision

Steel buildings are strong, flexible, energy efficient, beautiful and will save you a lot of maintenance costs in the long run. Before you let any other myths about steel buildings turn you in the wrong direction, do your homework first. 

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