Backyard Storage & Garden Sheds

Looking for a smaller steel building for your backyard? A garden or storage shed to hold your tools, your lawnmower, or some grass seed or dirt? A snow blower and shovels? Outdoor recreational toys? With a sturdy and secure steel shed designed to fit in the space in your yard, you can keep everything safe, organized and out of sight.

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Width: 12’ to 20’ wide is typically what customers choose for garden sheds (Need something wider? Try our Garage & Storage or Large Workshop Kits)

Length:  Arch construction system allows for building of ANY length and you can always add to your backyard shed if over time you have more to store.

Dedicated and Organized Space

There are often many things that need somewhere to be stored that simply aren’t suitable to be inside the house or taking up room in the garage. Having a separate building to for storage is practical and convenient. When you choose to build an outdoor storage shed using one of the prefabricated kits from Future Buildings, you are creating welcome space and organization in your life.

Backyard Storage
Backyard Storage & Garden Sheds

Designing the Right Backyard Shed and Storage Building

Our prefabricated shed kits can serve a variety of purposes. Whether you’re looking for a simple and compact tool shed, or you need it a little bigger to store yard equipment, or you want to get create a little place for escape, we can design for every need. Our engineers are skilled at designing every style and size of shed and will help you bring your ideas to life. They can assist you in determining what features you will need for how you are going to use it. For example, a man cave or she-shed would need proper ventilation and insulation for comfort but a building for equipment storage would not necessarily need those accessories. Our team will help you design the ideal size of shed with the ideal options.