Prefab Garage Kits

Are you looking for additional room for storage? Our prefabricated garage kits will maximize your interior space and is the perfect do-it-yourself building project.

Whether you need a single door, multi door or a combo garage we have the experience and know how to find a perfect match for you.

Simply call 1-800-668-5111 or request an Online Quote and our building experts will walk you through the process.

Garage Kits Models

  • A Model Garage
  • 24x34x12 X Model Metal Prefab Garage
  • garage
  • X-Model Prefab Metal Garage
  • 16x11x28 Model A Prefab Metal Garage
  • aviation Metal Prefab
  • 25 x 20 x 9, R Model, ON, Metal Prefab Garage Kit
  • A Model Prefab Metal Garage
  • X Model Prefab Metal Garage
  • Prefab Metal Garage
  • A Model Prefab Metal Garage
  • Metal Garage Kit
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  • prefab Metal garage kits
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A Quonset Garage for Every Need

The prefabricated metal building industry is becoming increasingly popular. Quonset (arch) metal buildings can provide a customizable choice whenever you need extra space to store your bulky items safely, shade your RV, boat, hot rod, or collection of classic cars. They are made from pre-engineered steel parts that fit perfectly into place, offering resource economy, quick work schedules and sturdy, cost-effective buildings that require little to no maintenance. Are you looking for high-quality Quonset metal garages? Future Buildings is committed to providing sturdy, quick constructions, versatility and affordability, among several other benefits.

Garage FeaturesFuture BuildingsTraditional Building
Factory Direct PricingYesNo
Easy DIY ConstructionYesNo
Certified for Your AreaYesNo
Guaranteed StructureYesNo
40 Year Rust Perforation WarrantyYesNo


Here are just a few benefits you’ll enjoy when you purchase a Future Buildings Quonset Garage:

Custom Design

Future Buildings engineers will custom design and manufacture a Steel Building to fit your unique needs and budget. Whether your property is big or small Future Buildings can manufacture precisely the building you need!

100% Usable Interior Space

Unlike traditional steel, wooden or brick buildings, Future Buildings have a unique truss-less design. With no trusses taking up space you have more room throughout for storage, racking, shelving and parking large vehicles such as RV’s, backhoes and tractors.

40 Year Rust Perforation Warranty

All Future Buildings steel buildings are warrantied against normal condition rust perforation for a full 40 years from the date of purchase.

Fully Customizable

Metal Garage Plans

Future Buildings has worked with countless DIY designers that create ingenious custom storage plans for anyone seeking to maximize their metal garage space and save more resources. You can choose from a wide variety of plans or use your unique design. The construction offers maximum stability and can be customized to meet all garage storage requirements.

Steel Garage Prices

Is price a priority when constructing a Quonset steel garage? Yes, it is crucial to calculate how much it will cost you to build your prefab garage in advance, and most of our customers inquire about steel garage prices before anything else. Our goal is to provide the best quality steel arch garage for your needs, and these unique requirements determine the total cost. Factors like intended building use, all its components, required gauge of steel, and location all influence the costs you will incur.

Metal Garage Kits

With Quonset hut garages, there is virtually no need for an expert contractor on site. We provide prefab garage kits that you can quickly assemble using the simple instructions provided. Many owners of arch metal garages have completed installing their buildings in just a few days, with the help of some friends. Each pre-engineered part is designed with DIY assembly in mind; however, a complex project might require someone with technical skill or experience.

Prefabricated Metal Garage

Anyone that has ever put together an erector set can quickly grasp the steps involved in completing a prefab garage. Each part comes pre-drilled and cut into precise pieces that become the arches that are raised one-by-one and connected to each other to form your building. They also use one size bolt and nut, making them simple to construct.

Shipping Container Garage

Future Buildings offers container cover kits that allow you to turn your shipping containers into convenient garage, work and storage spaces. There are several designs to pick from, including enclosed and open-ended garages. You can also customize the interior space and make any size changes to meet the height and width requirements of your project.

RV Garage Storage

Quonset metal garages offer a secure, customizable space that can protect your RV, boats and any other item you decide to store in your garage. Our steel RV garages are sturdy and offer adequate space that can protect your assets from weather elements and pests.

Wide Variety of Sizes and Models

FSB Quonset metal garages offer a wide variety of steel building styles and sizes for the broad applications of such buildings. Your garage will also be customized to meet unique space requirements, and you will enjoy 100% usable interior space.


You can take apart and relocate a prefab garage at any time, which makes installing it a wise ad easy decision to make. Besides offering the perfect garage, if you plan to relocate in the future, this opportunity allows you to take down and redesign the garage as your needs change.


Do It Yourself

All Future Buildings come with complete easy-to-understand illustrated instructions. We have designed every steel building kit to require only one size bolt. This means that every steel building can be built using simple tools and basic DIY experience.

Fast Construction

Every building is made from pre-drilled and pre-cut steel panels which quickly bolt together to form an arch. Each arch is then hoisted into position and secured to the foundation. Depending on the size, with a few extra sets of hands most of our customers have their buildings up in a matter of days. Remember – Future Buildings is there for you from beginning to build so if you have any questions throughout the erection process- simply pick up the phone!

Low Cost

Future Buildings engineers will custom design and manufacture a garage to fit your unique needs and budget. Since we own the factory where all Future Buildings steel buildings are made we can pass factory direct savings on to our customers.

Purchase a Prefab Garage Kit from the Experts at Future Buildings

When choosing where to buy your prefab garage, it is recommended that you select a reputable prefabricated metal building company that can guarantee high-quality parts. Our metal garages offer the perfect solution for those looking for affordable, high-quality steel garages and DIY kits. Whether you seek container covers, are looking for a workshop for your vehicles, or want to preserve your classic car collection, Future Buildings can help you build a secure, customized garage for your storage requirements.