Why Businesses Choose Pre-Engineered Commercial Metal Buildings

Why Businesses Choose Pre-Engineered Commercial Metal BuildingsEach year, the number of businesses using prefabricated steel buildings increases. Between 75-80% of new commercial and business construction consists of steel buildings. This versatile material has dominated the commercial construction space, and for a good reason.

Unlike buildings made of traditional materials such as wood and brick, steel buildings can fit nearly any application. Additionally, the buildings are quick to assemble, last for decades, and offer more protection than conventional buildings. Because of these advantages, among others, businesses prefer to construct with steel than conventional building materials.

A steel building can often be set up within a few days, depending on size and complexity, and usually without the need for a contractor. This makes the structures attractive to commercial business owners. For them, setting up shop quickly allows them to ensure they can meet seasonal demands and begin making a profit. Pre-engineered buildings feature open floor plans, enabling retailers and businesses to design and organize the way they want.

When the building kit arrives, it will include everything needed to start assembling. Additionally, the pieces come pre-cut and pre-drilled, ready to install. The building can be customized based on your needs to include features such as windows, insulation, skylights, and more. A pre-engineered metal building requires little maintenance, allowing you to focus on your business.

Pre-Engineered Commercial Steel Buildings

Most businesses prefer prefabricated metal buildings as they go up fast and are cost-effective. They provide excellent value for the money, allow your business to begin operations sooner, and save you money throughout their lifetime. Shop owners can choose from a variety of structure sizes depending on the scale of their business. In addition to steel buildings being great for your company, they are also an excellent choice for the environment. They are sustainable, recyclable, and fabricated in a way to produce little waste.

Why are Steel Buildings the Best Choice for Your Store?

  • Durability – Steel structures from Future Buildings feature high-quality Galvalume PlusTM steel and a 40-year rust perforation warranty. With each building kit, you can be confident that your building will last for decades.
  • Low Maintenance – Regular cleaning is nearly the only maintenance that your steel structure will need.
  • Construction Speed – Often, in just a few days, you can have the structure set up and begin to operate your business. The steel building kit comes fully cut and drilled with a complete set of installation instructions, ready to be put together.
  • Cost-Efficient – By choosing a steel building, you avoid the need to hire a contractor and the lengthy construction process common with conventional buildings.
  • Open Layout – The spacious and unobstructed interior allows you to plan your space exactly how you need it. This includes setting up offices, creating storage space, and more.
  • Flexible – If you find yourself needing to move your steel building to a new location, it can be disassembled and brought to a new site. Additionally, if you need to expand in the future, you can add virtually unlimited length to our structures.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Pre-engineered buildings are at the forefront of the Green Building Movement. They are energy-efficient, recyclable, and manufactured using sustainable practices.

The Cost-Saving Benefits of Commercial Steel Buildings

Purchasing a commercial steel building will often cost less than one of a similar size built with wood or brick. Additionally, the reduced maintenance costs make the building more cost-efficient over time. The durability and longevity of steel also mean you may never need to undertake any repair work.

Steel also protects your products, your furniture, your equipment, and any other items inside. The material is resistant to fire, mold, and pests, letting you continue to operate confidently. Over time, the benefits of steel provide your business with substantial savings.

What Are Commercial Steel Buildings Ideal For?

When you choose steel buildings for your commercial needs, you get a lot of customizability. You can add features such as skylights and vents, depending on the application. Additionally, the arch style provides the ability to add additional arches and extend the length as needed to a nearly limitless potential.

  • Agricultural and Farm Buildings – Protect your produce, equipment, and livestock with the fire-resistant and pest-resistant steel.
  • Business Expansion – Whether you need a shop front or extra storage for your business, a steel building is ideal.
  • Commercial Aircraft Hangars – Protect your commercial aircraft or helicopter from the elements with a customized hangar.
  • Commercial Garages and Trucking Garages – These are larger than a residential garage and are designed to fit large trucks and numerous cars. You can also opt for a carport instead if you require shade for multiple vehicles.
  • Commercial Workshops – Because steel is resistant to fire, you can use welding equipment or woodburning tools without the fear that your workshop will go up in flames.
  • Convenience Stores – With the open-plan layout, you have the ability to design the shelving and other features needed for a convenience store.
  • Data Centers – Steel is energy-efficient. You can insulate the building to keep the data equipment at the correct temperature regardless of the weather outside.
  • Industrial Uses – These can include municipal buildings, manufacturing units, pump shelters, water filtration centers, container covers, and paint booths.
  • Manufacturers’ Outlets – You can use steel buildings to store manufactured items or as a manufacturing hub. This works perfectly for both small and large businesses as the steel building is available in many sizes.
  • Medical Clinics – You can design your offices and examination rooms in a steel building and add vents, doors, and windows based on your needs. 
  • Office Buildings – Like medical clinics, you can pick a structure size that meets your needs and design your offices and interior as needed.
  • Prefab Steel Homes – If you are looking to set up a home, steel is an excellent option. It is easy to install and design the features you need in a steel building, including custom floors and additional levels.
  • Restaurants – Ventilation, windows, and adequate insulation allow you to design a kitchen and seating area that will keep your customers comfortable.
  • Retail Stores – Stores such as boutiques and specialty shops need storage space and a storefront. You can design your structure to meet the unique needs of your shop.
  • Vehicle Dealerships, Auto Repair Shops, Automated Car Washes, Or Tire Stores – Large buildings can hold more than five cars comfortably. Additionally, the structure can be extended by adding more arches to hold more vehicles as needed.
  • Veterinarian Clinics and Animal Hospitals – The customizability of steel buildings means you can create office spaces, waiting areas, and a lab for your clinic.
  • Warehouses – If you need space for inventory storage, steel buildings offer the open plan and flexibility to hold your inventory. Choose from a variety of structure sizes and know that you can extend them as necessary.

Consider Quonset Huts for Commercial Buildings

Quonset huts and other arch wall structures are ideal for many commercial applications. They are easy to customize to the needs of different businesses, offering great versatility and expansion potential. You can use them as storage, barns, workshops, garages, or any other commercial building.

Order A Commercial Steel Building Kit from Future Buildings

At Future Buildings, all our prefabricated steel building kits are designed for your specific location and intended usage. If you need a commercial metal building for any application, contact us today to start planning your steel structure.

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