Upgrade Your Dog Kennels with a Custom Steel Building

steel dog kennel buildingsIf you are in the dog kennel business and looking to upgrade your kennels and have not considered a steel structure, then now is the time to look into building one. Here are some of the many reasons why a custom steel dog kennel will contribute to making your dog kennel business expansion a huge success.

Custom Dog Kennels

Whatever your business needs for your dog kennel addition, a steel building is your best option. In-house commercial building specialists, including engineers, will help you to design the addition that meets your business’s needs. And they will walk you through the entire process.

You can choose from a variety of building styles. Then determine additional accessories, from foundations to skylights and building insulation. Once the basic design is determined, then choose colors and other trims that make your building unique and to your specifications.

Do-It-Yourself and Quickly

The beauty of steel buildings is that they can be designed and built far more quickly, and easier, than traditional buildings. You choose how long it will take for your custom building materials to come to you, and then how long it takes to build it. This means that your kennel expansion can happen on your time frame and within your budget.

Growth Potential Unlimited

Not only can you expand your dog kennel buildings, but you never need worry that your steel building cannot continue to grow with your business. Your steel dog kennel can be expanded further with the prefabricated materials that are inexpensive to add on. Your business can keep operating while you build on your additions, too, which means no interruption in service for your regular customers.

You can also expect your steel dog kennel addition to last as long, or longer, than your business. Steel buildings will stand up to the elements, including heavy snow and extreme weather like hurricanes. And, with anti-rust guarantees, your addition will offer a safe and dry structure for dogs.

Low Maintenance, Cleaner Environment for Dogs

For your kennel addition you will need a structure that is low in cost to operate and is the best environment for your customer’s four-legged friends. Steel buildings are low cost to operate. They will work in any weather, since they are made of strong and recyclable steel that will withstand the test of time. Since steel is hardier, it will require less cost to operate with climate controlled interiors, and less maintenance for the exterior.

Additionally, for the same reasons that your steel dog kennel will be lower in maintenance costs, it will be better for dogs: there will be no mold to worry about that can cause illness for dogs, no rotting boards, or painting needed. 

No matter which part of the country your dog kennel is located in, steel is your best alternative for additions that ensure a low cost, long-lasting and safe structure for your customer’s best friends.

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