3 Reasons Why Prefabricated Steel Buildings Make Great Dog Kennels

When people think of prefabricated steel buildings, they often picture garages, storage buildings, even agricultural units. But very rarely are they associated with other, more imaginative uses. One such example is the use of a prefabricated steel building for a dog kennel! A Future Buildings client combined their high-quality steel building with a little bit of ingenuity, and accomplished just that. Here’s are three reasons why prefabricated steel buildings prove to be a great choice for building dog kennels.

Building Insulation


Any prefabricated steel building owner will tell you that it offers a wide range of customizable options. One such option is the inclusion of insulation. For dog kennels, this is the perfect choice. It protects the animals against harsh temperature change, allowing the interior of the building to stay warm and comfortable despite the weather outside.

As an added benefit, insulation also absorbs sound and protects against unwanted noise. This means that you won’t receive any complaints from your neighbours about barking dogs.

Finally, insulation also helps to eliminate condensation build up (sweating) in the interior of the prefabricated steel building, which is a result of extreme fluctuations in temperature. This adds to the level of comfort your dogs will experience in their new home.


Think a prefabricated steel building won’t provide your pets with enough light? We have created a line of affordable skylight options that are both easy to install and provide natural light throughout. This means that your dog kennel remains well lit for the times when your dogs remain inside, providing a brighter interior without any additional energy costs. And best of all, the skylights come in a number of colours and dimensions, so you can customize as you see fit.



Similar to your home, prefabricated steel buildings can be equipped with ventilation systems that keep air flow clean and safe for humans and animals alike. Adding a ventilation syste

m to a dog kennel allows you to increase airflow and provide maximum aeration, so that your pets remain safe and comfortable. As an added benefit, ventilation systems are low cost, easy to install and require almost no maintenance.

Prefabricated steel buildings are highly flexible and easily customized, as the dog kennel above demonstrates. If you need something built – whether it be for a dog kennel or another unique use – call Future Buildings today at 1-800-668-5111. Our experts will discuss possibilities and logistics, and help you get your project underway!

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