Taking a Steel Building to a Games’ Room in 4 Easy Steps

steel building game roomHomeowner DIY steel building projects include workshops, garages and carports, and sheds. A recent trend is now to take those steel buildings and redesign them into beautifully designed games’ rooms for the entire family. In four easy steps, turn your steel building into your dream game room.

Step 1: Interior comfort

The first series of considerations is the interior comfort of your game room. The beauty of your steel building is that it can be climate controlled. You can select insulation for those purposes along with roof accessories to ensure air flow. 

 And like other buildings, a steel building can have accessories that will customize your game room. For example, you can install skylights over your pool table, or a window beside your food and drink bar.

You needn’t worry about the exterior. A Steel building is remarkably durable and stand up to the elements over time. Unless you are looking to change the paint, the exterior will have little effect upon your interior design.

Step 2: Plan out your games’ area

Once you decide what kinds of games you want in your steel building game room, you have to get it on paper as any good designer would. Where exactly do you want each game area?

To make your game room easy for your family members, and guests, to do their own thing, organize your room into areas. If you build a video game playing area with a large screen television, then perhaps add another television in the bar area so that you can watch the pro sports games, too.

The larger game tables, like pool or ping pong, require additional room for players, with estimates of between three and five feet around each table.

Step 3: Design your decor

The two key items to think about are your lighting and furniture in your steel building game room. The lighting can set the mood for your room, and also make your games more playable. 

A hanging light over the pool table or recessed bright lighting over a foosball table are important for function and design. You can also put in lower lighting over the bar area and make use of interesting lamps around the main television area.

In your television area, select a couch that will accommodate a few people. And don’t forget about the chairs for gaming. They should be comfortable, and many gamers prefer swivel chairs specifically designed for gaming.

 You can also find furniture that will double as areas to hold board games for your games’ room. Some nice sized ottomans can do triple duty. Many are large enough to set up board games on, they can be used for seating, and they can also be used for storage.

 With all of the electronics in your television area, don’t forget to think about hiding cords and areas to store your electronics including your surround sound system for your large screen television. A game room can easily become too cluttered.

If you really like a loud game room, with some additional planning you can also sound proof your steel building game room.

Step 4: Bring in the appliances

No matter the size of your steel building game room you will want access to food and drink. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to build your own bar. With a refrigerator, microwave and some shelving, you can serve up your guests their snacks and drinks without having to leave the room.

For more information on the best steel building for your games’ room, contact Future Steel today at 1-800-668-5111. Or, fill out our free online quote form and we’ll get back to you!

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